Faster than Ever Hot Wheels up for Sale!

JDC442 Saturday, 4/9/2022

Another "You Choose" lot from my personal collection.


Cool I just bought a couple

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Clint 4/10/22

 Diecast racer just won a race using FTE  a vette.

  • Thanks for sharing - good racing. — JDC442
  • You are welcome. Have a great Holiday! — Clint
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Kastanets 4/12/22

Possibly I would buy almost all of them, but... you don't ship to Spain! LOL
It is very difficult to get them around here, and more for less than €10/12. But, even if you were to ship to Spain, between the shipping costs and customs taxes, the price would double or more.
Anyway, what envy...

  • Yes. I worked with an RDR member who lived in London. I sent a bunch of FTEs to him early on during the Pandemic and we had all sorts of issues with shipping. He finally got the cars but I think the package traveled all over the world before he got them. — JDC442
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WallyChamp73 4/13/22

How much for all of them?

  • I suppose if you bought all that are left (11 at the moment) I could offer you a reasonable refund. — JDC442
  • PM me if you're interested — JDC442
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