Collecting and OrganizingFaster than Ever or Not????

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I have three of these short card Boneshakers and have always assumed they were legitimate "Faster Than Ever" Hot Wheels.  However, it doesn't say anything about FTE on the package.

What do you guys think?

I have a few...mine look just like what you have and are the real deal...
bernie wanted stupid $ for 1, wonder if it is miss marked, missing the FTE.

Also have a couple different FTE-looking cars that have the flaming wheel at the top.  Here's one example

Got this picture off the internet (too lazy to photo right now), but it's the same car on the same card as mine.

Here are three of the cars my wife bought for me -the person she got them from said they may have come from Canada.  These have the FTE-looking wheel in the corner, but the nerve hammer has chrome 5 spokes.  I'm so baffled!!

Here's a standard card Bone Shaker I have without the FTE symbol.  Another mystery...

wanna bet they do that so it creates more cars to collect /... $$$
If they originated in Canada, they must be bilingual.

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