Fastest track times?

nothingness Saturday, 12/1/2018

What are peoples fastest 1/4, 1/2 and mile track times? Modded and natural.

I run a 20ft and 40ft track unmodded and best times are 1.673 and 2.761 seconds respectively. The mods can't beat natural GHO, SHO and UH on my track. Also why is it that when i time trial one car at a time they run faster then if they race at the same time? If i race my 20th vs #1 ranked car the race is closer than if i timed trialed each individually. for example if I race my fastest car that goes 1.673 vs a car that goes 1.700, the winning times will be in the 1.723 range. I'm assuming its similar to a wake principal in swimming. 


Just curious, what is the height and distance of your drop and how much of it is flat run?

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nothingness 12/1/18

Hi..Redpill. I use a 44in height (start at the top of rsmp) with a 6ft drop that moves into a 14 ft flat drag section (20ft race) or 34ft for a 40ft race. I experimented with different angles and found that it's the maximum drop I can use that cars don't jump the track. It seems arbitrary but it went through trial and error testing. Btw Red pill you have a great site..  Your comment vanished for some reason.

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nothingness 12/1/18

I think I accidentally hit report on redpills comment...that was an accident. I thought it said reply. 

Glad you enjoy my videos.  We have fun recirding our races and posting them.  My tracks height is only 23.5 height with a 9` drop.  It is about  16'5" (scale 1/5 mile). With the almost double height and more steep drop I bet cars really haul ass down your track.  I'd love to see a video of some cars making passes on it.  

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