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Featherweight Challenge Series 1 2012 Leader Board

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WorpeX 3/7/12

Well this is my first mail-in tournament. Next time I might not drag my feet so much and send in some of my customs instead.

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model40fan 3/7/12

that's the thing with customs... even when you get put on the trailer early, the fact that you built or chose the look of the car, is a win in it's own way... STILL !

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EconoCarl 3/7/12

And did ya' notice that half of the cars are some sort of silver/gray!
And none of the silver/gray cars have a double digit number like the other half (22, 55, 77, etc.)!

Leader board updated after 3 of 6 races.

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EconoCarl 3/28/12

Thanks for keeping us updated Jim.
Any yes Smitty . . . the view is mighty fine from up here!

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model40fan 3/28/12

gotta admitt, you guys / girls look pretty good up there...

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WorpeX 3/28/12

As long as those stockers aren't winning, im happy!

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EconoCarl 4/2/12

Talk about a competitive series!!! After 4 races there have been 16 different cars in the Final 8 Brackets!

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model40fan 4/2/12

thanks carl, i know you were trying to make we the "42" feel better...


Gotta love there's still eight different team owners in the top eight,and still yet another two tied for ninth.

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GspeedR 4/16/12

Woohoo least my 'Thunderstreak' made it back into the top 8! Also cars from Royal Racing & Sloppy Jalopies making a showing for the 1st time...sweet!

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model40fan 4/16/12

the sloppies finally found the results.... and are happy with a 7th... bet the royals will be flush with their 5th place finish

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