First Ever Custom Diecast

SPHYPHON Monday, 3/13/2023

Ive always liked cars, and racing. But being able to spend so little on a small hot wheels car and race that, superb. Im very new to this hobby, and it seems very enjoyable. I got hooked when I found Chaos Canyons channel, and tried making my own car.

I didnt do any real modding, only some cosmetics. Custom paint job with a little bit of cleaning. It was an old car i had for a long time, definatly the coolest one i own. 

Hope some of you guys like it, I plan on trying to enter a race at one point, mabye with this car. And if anybody has any tips of customization, I would love to hear it!




Welcome in the hobby :D

I personally prefer resto-modding old beaten up castings than modding something I just picked fresh on the pegs.

As of tips, yeah well, I don't do that well in races, so I'm not the best person to teach you how to make a car fast, but one thing to do is definitely learn how to remove the rivets and replace them with screws (you can always use JB weld or superglue to hold the car back, but it's not as forgiving as screws if you need to replace/adjust something later)

And you'll need to source some good Pinewood Derby type graphite lube. Don't do like me and use graphite lube taken in hardware stores, this is not the same formula and this one might make your wheels worse than before applied...

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Numbskull 3/13/23

Nice work.

Nice looker, Welcome to the Rabbit Hole! Don't get discouraged, get into the Video's you can find here.

Everything to help with getting them to Scream is avaliable.

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Endcount 3/13/23

A great video tutorial that helped me, and still hepls me is a video called "how to build a 60g modified car" or something like that. It's on the Scale Racing channel on Youtube. Very thourough and easy to follow. I still go back to it because I have a better understanding of things now than I did a year ago, so I can make more sense of it all. 

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dr_dodge 3/13/23

I like it.  as was said earlier, I love turning old vintage into racers, but, currently, I suck at racing, too

not gonna stop being outragous and doing things I am inspired to do, though

the video library is amazing, I spent months in there as a lurker



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