Flat Rabbit Race Club, New track vid and tournament

FlatRabbitRacing Friday, 6/5/2020

Hey race fans! Been working on a new track! Could use some participants! Put in your pick in YT comments. 


Thank you for the support RLD! 


Holy crap dude I LOVE IT! Need to get this into a DSPN report when the racing starts, if you're ok with that.

Love the post apocalyptic/gaslands feel. That was my original plan at the canyon but it's kind of morphed but I still want to have it there. Really keen to see your races and how it all works out. 

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redlinederby 6/5/20
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Level up! The modeling of KoTM tracks was a great, fun way to create a universe but you throwing in some straight up storytelling is great! I'm interested to see how you keep the story going and integrate the racing. LOTS of possibilities with where you're heading. Way to go!

PS...how do all you people have so much time to race and produce video?! Geezoo!

  • Wow Thanks dude! You rule! Your passion for diecast racing and building this community all these years here is inspiring! — FlatRabbitRacing

Wow, love the theme!  Clearly some aptitude for the making of videos too!

I enjoy the Apocalyptic nature.

I love it...very well done...my track Damnation Alley is along the same vein...based it on the book and 70 's movie of the same name...Bravo

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