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For love or money...why are you diecast racing?

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Big_Al 8/18/21

It's definitely a hobby for me.  I've considered trying to sell some modded cars, but I barely have enough time to keep up with the races I want to enter.  I've also considered making some actual racing content for my channel, but there's no money in that at the level I would be producing.  I have another channel, Becoming Bob, where I paint along with Bob Ross.  I've had it for 3 years and have really only grown it to 120 subs.  It takes a lot to get big and I just can't consistently put in the effort. 

But then again, when I am building a car, the appearance and performance is important to me.  It's a pride thing, but also in the back of my mind I cant help but think if this sport gets big enough to attract sponsors, I want them to view my cars as an attractive spot to put their logos.  Mighty unlikely, sure.  But who knows?

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MadMike 8/18/21

I started and intended to keep it for fun but when I got offered a print setup for doing my own decals I may aswell sell some. Ultimately all for the fun

  • Hello, do you have a link or website where I could view your decals? Thank you for your time! — PoBoy_Racing
  • I'm currently on a personal break. I will post up when I have them ready — MadMike
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Kevblokey 8/19/21

I race solely for the enjoyment (love) of racing. I've tried selling extra cars on eBay etc, but with little to no success, so gave up and just bought, raced, stored/displayed.

Kevblokey (MHWC)

Primary reason I'm into diecast is for profits on YouTube. I enjoy the hobby, but without that chance at potential profits I wouldn't be involved. A secondary reason is for my kids. My son loves HotWheels and my 2 daughters are big fans of specific YouTube channels that we watch together as a family (Mr. Beast, Brave Wilderness, Dude Perfect, etc). So if I'm successful, it is something I could pass down to my son, or skills I could use to help my kids get started on a channel if they ever get into it. 

The hobby itself is fun, I truly enjoy the hobby. Because of the channel I'm limited on what I can actually do though. With that said the hobby, community and all that is a bonus of my primary objective.

You don't have to be a 'true hobbyist' to enjoy the hobby. Building a channel with the opportunity of profits is great and in my opinion gives more value to the actual hobby itself. Growing a channel is a grind and a half. Most of us will fail at it, but thats okay. I think the fun part is going after it and if you never try, well u never get a chance to reap the reward if you do make it. I'm still on the fence if there is a future in diecast for me, but right now I'm still hopeful that there is, so I'm willing to put in the work to to potentially get there. 

  • It is a grind. A big grind that requires many hats if you're trying to build a brand or something that could possibly earn some cash. I've been racing and running RLD for 12 years now and last year was the first year I earned any honest revenue. But I put myself squarely in the "lazy" category, unlike you or 3DBM or Chaos that are grinding daily to produce top shelf content. Best of luck! — redlinederby
  • @redlinederby I'd say I'm a shelf or two below 3D or Chaos lol, but I'm climbing! Thanks man! and this site is dope man! its not easy to build a community in mostly a forum/blog based category. — WeRaceDiecast
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DXPRacing 8/20/21

I build cars to race at other peoples tracks.  I do it for fun.  I do it to win.  If you make money off of it, good, glad I could help.  Even though I doubt people are turning in to see my projects go down the course.  

  • I agree, make all the money you can racing cars if you can. It’s a lot of work but when the paint job is more important than the speed I’m in interested. If it’s just a show it’s not for me. 3dbotmaker never turned a car away for its paint job but he has because it was slow. I think some these channels have lost sight of that and just want your cars to make their channel look good . Speed is secondary if it even matters at all — BlueLineRacing
  • Indeed, many are looking to make TV shows that feature racing. And yes, it's other people making content for someone else's site (same here!) but also don't discount that people like to see themselves be featured and their car on the show. Is it all about speed and engineering? No, but that doesn't mean it's not a hobby for folks to try and get a top spot on the show. — redlinederby
  • It’s my opinion so for me this hobby is about building fast cars. Other people’s hobby is showing cars on YouTube and making videos. If you started a post called why are you YouTubing I’d agree. — BlueLineRacing
  • How is it racing when the speed of the cars is secondary? If we are talking car shows or editing/creating video then you have a point. You’re talking about racing. Sending a car down a track isn’t racing. — BlueLineRacing

I'm in just for the love of racing and the love of diecast cars. Been a collector for years and yes raced quite a few of them as a kid.  And when I get my track built and put it on YouTube, it will still be for the love of the hobby. If it goes big then so be it, if it stays small, that is just a awesome. I just want to share my love of the hobby in all its glorious fun...

We started racing to have some family fun and creating a family hobby we all can enjoy together and later in life have some videos we can look back on and weather its to goof on or to reminisce, We have those family memories. I know it sounds corny, lol. With that said if we could make a couple bucks to help support the hobby that would be cool too.  We just LUV collecting and racing and watching others doing the same.  It's just fun.

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PoBoy_Racing 8/23/21

I'm in it for the Fun of it!   I'm a long way from being a top contender, but I feel I'm learning with each build!   I enjoy racing at different tracks and seein the other cars.   The tracks don't need a diorama for me to watch "Pure" Racing!  Although, I do like the diorama's, people put a lot of time and money into them.  An there are a lot great tracks with a wonderful diorama, but again, the track doesnt need a diorama for me to want to race there.

Also, I have met some great people in this communtiy from all over the world.  I do like that and we keep up with each other as much as possible!

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MrDarq 8/26/21

I am in it for the hobby, I love building and watching my cars on all your tracks. 

It has been a very big creative outlet for me, I'm normally a designer and I paint, but since I now manage designers and don't do as much design on computer building cars has been my outlet. 

I really love building :)

would love to also start filming once I build a nice track but just for fun since I love After Effects and Premier. 

oh and I plan on us all being famous once they start showing our races on the new ESPN8 OCHO LMFAO! ????

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Sneaky_Bob 12/6/21

I do it for the hobby.  I have raced a lot of different things and there is no money in racing in itself.  There is a joke in stock car racing that says "How do you make a millionaire in autoracing?  Answer: Start with a billionaire."  I've raced stock cars, rc cars, mountain bikes, and bmx bikes.  I had to show a profit in only one of 12 seasons of stock car racing.  Only because I won the season points championship and several traveling races in the same year.

I do have a YouTube channel and FaceBook group for my diecast race tracks, Treetops Raceway Park.  I am about to change which you tube channel I use, due to forgetting what email I used in the registration.  I have 3 tracks currently and I am preparing to host my first invite only race using all three tracks.  I am starting small as I have seen too many tracks start to big and get in over there head.  I do not ever want to be holding onto cars for 6-12 months.  I would like to build my channel, but I will never be concerned with the monetary value it generates if any.  I am doing this because I love to race and I want the capability to test my builds.

I don't have a problem with people making money on the hobby.  However, I do have a problem with hosts changing the schedules or not showing a specific series due to a change in the viewership of the channel.  This to me reduces the trust in the hosts ability to deliver what the car builders have signed up for.  As a builder I want to see my cars race.  As a creator I want people to trust me when I say I will be racing their builds in a certain time frame.  If the monetary side is making hosts change what races they are running or publishing instead of the schedule that was published and signed up for I think that is a problem.

  • Yep, can relate to your thoughts, cheers. — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. Those venues are few but they are out there posing as something they are not. — BlueLineRacing
  • I would also add, it is frustrating so submit a car by a deadline, and have it be months without the host posting/updating. I understand getting behind, just let people know — dr_dodge
  • Yes Dr_Dodge, that is one aspect that damages the hobby. Very frustrating indeed. Along with those that take your money, and then you never get your cars sent back. — CutRock_R_Marc_D

I have to say that I do it for the fun of it. I don't have a channel but I do record the races for my family on my camera and we love it. 

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Bolo_Brown 12/10/21

I do it for the fun but I see nothing wrong charging a fee especially if you put in big prizes

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