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For love or money...why are you diecast racing?

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I will never make money doing my Races and I am fine with that. I do it for 2 reasons.  1. I love the fun and challange of the races. I like a lot of you used to do this as a kid with home made tracks. So I love the races But i also love making the videos. My second reason is The Fans ( I Dont have a Lot) I love interacting with the people that watch my videos. and make comments on them. Knowing i entertain anyone makes it so much fun and cool for me. 

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DamDiecast 12/14/21

I currently dont make any money, I love building the cars and seeing them race. I do like the thought  of building customs and selling them at some point, if i could make enough to cover the cost of my addiction, that would be alright.

The top seven reasons I love mail-in racing.

  1. Custom cool cars racing on downhill tracks!
  2. Seeing your own car that you touched with your own hands competing with some of the best diecast racers in the universe!
  3. The action and excitement is like watching a real race.
  4. Anything can happen like a van can fall off a cliff (R.I.P McClyde.), to your car winning the race backwards!
  5. You can build race tracks big and small.
  6. People have cool nickname like R-LO, or CHOWDHOUND, and Numbskull.
  7. It makes you love racing even more.

For love, obviously. I mean, more than 2 years participating in mail-ins and still haven't won anything, not even really competitive xD

I do it because I love building cars within a certain rules set and try to be creative in the process.

I love seeing my work on the screen and compare it to the other beautiful cars for a particular event.

I love how the looks of the customs evolved in the last 2-3 years. I remember one of my first custom cars being "beautiful" for the time.

Then R-Lo appeared, and some other builders that stepped up the game on the graphics AND performed great too.

These guys are my motivation to try and surpass myself with every build I make.

I don't make it for money, I'm doing it in search of "fame" :)

I hope someday I'll be the next Numbskull, Mr. Darq, Crazy Canuck...

  • Thats my goal too bro' Numbskull, R-Lo, Blueline, Daddy G, they are my motivation! — G_ForceRacing
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dr_dodge 8/16/23

I love building, the more outragous the better. 
As many have seen, my builds are always unique, and usually stupidly complex, and (unfortunately) slow as molassas in winter.  I will get better!  
I came here and fell in love with the racing community, building cars/tracks, and watching races,
I am here to stay!
That said, I have my channel (dr dodge racing) and am lucky enough that every other weekend, 
I can record our live races at the slot car shop, and put them up there

Learning editing, and getting better with my recordings
I would love to have it add some $$$$ to my pocket one day,
but not holding my breath


  • Enjoy !! Yes I like doing "alternative builds" to the norm at times, all good fun. Will look up your channel and drop in. Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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Big_Poppy 8/19/23

Just the love of racing! Too many ways to make more money if that's what you seek. This is simply an outlet for energy and creativity. My wife says its cheaper than a real race car. ????

  • Hey Big Poppy ! From experience, it is way cheaper than racing real cars........BUT....It amost takes up as much time!! Cheers, hope you are doing well. — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • lol — dr_dodge
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StarCorps 8/20/23

I am working on a track - and I am building it to be filmed, and planning its build with that in mind. I would like, very much, to make some money - but for the most part, this is a labor of love. I wanted to do a track because I love model making, I love dioramas and I love playing with toys I never got to have as a kid. 

I have no kids. I have a decent disposable income. I suppliment that with my gaming merch sales via my Etsy Store. I don't currently sell anything diecast related - but I offer custom LED Acrylic trophies for free to various channels as they might be appropriate. Examples in the links below.
It's my hope that Piston Junction is some kind of success and gets buy in from the community, but I won't be crushed if it never monitizes. 

Still. That would be real fricken nice. 

  • I would be interested in some bridge parts, if you want to sell them, let me know. I'd use it inverted for the jamestown bypass bridge — dr_dodge

I am thinking of making a track. And when I do finish it and start mail-ins, I'm going to invite a good 100 people if possible, and have them send in 20 dollars. Then the $2000 brought in would be given to the winner as prize. $2000 is alot of money.

Most of the time I don't even see 100 entries in events, though. But if people like the idea of winning $2000, they may want to jump to typing up their entry. 

I'd also want to give the winner all of the loser's cars, I've always loved that idea.

I want to HIGHLY encourage people to use this idea.

People in towns enter town race for about $100, and get like $1000. I think that this idea will be fun and could make Numbskull rich.

  • Good luck with that. Make sure your rules/policy/etc is air tight our you'll have to deal with all sorts of issues. Racing for pinks (minus cash) is always a good way to add some stakes. — redlinederby
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JBlotner42 2/7/24

I'm in it for the fun.

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FredD 2/7/24

Never made much money at hobby stuff... I always hoped for a wash. Don't see any money in this one for me and kinda not what I am interested in it for anyway. I just like messing with the cars and making them look good.. to me at least. But they are kinda small for these fat old fingers and not too great eyes. But I will stick with it until I figure out how to go faster or my eyesight gives out... which ever comes first! I'm guessing the latter...

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Everfree 2/7/24

I want to do hot Wheels custom cars because I feel it's an art unto itself.  I'm trying to do something that isn't video games, like I have been doing.

  • It's a blast, and more addicting than videos!! It is art and racing, I love it — G_ForceRacing

Nothing more fun than building and watching them race across the WORLD!!

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