For those of you who were watching 3dbotmaker in 2019

BlueLineRacing Tuesday, 3/12/2024

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The new and improved Madd Catter. 4.5" long and 150g. 9 Rally Cats gave their lives for this build

A different time when you could talk trash and people wouldn't get their feelings hurt


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Sick build, and back then, if the other cars wiped out there was room to pass them.

  • Another thing lost in todays racing. You get behind a slow turd and your race is over. I’d like to see more hosts do side by side racing and not go 4 at a time but I think those days are over — BlueLineRacing
  • 100% to both comments. I miss the "Duel" open track racing. No where to hide, no one to "push" to speeds beyong their build limits. A true 1 on 1 on who is the best/fastest. Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D

Yeah, thems were the days.

Thank you to Numbskull Racing for printing the waterslide cat decal on the hood

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dr_dodge 3/12/24

wow, so cool!


Lookin good.

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Kingjester 3/12/24

Ah yes brings back memories to the simpler times, back when I merely watched modified diecast racing and I never would have thought I would be a racer in the scene yet here I am.

  • You missed a great time in diecast racing my friend — BlueLineRacing

Madd Catter was the build that open my eyes to modified diecast racing. Before that I didn't pay much attention. I just saw cars going down a track. When I saw MC it hit me right between the eyes. I realized "wait a minute; that's not something you can buy. Somebody built that..." I've been hooked ever since. Damn you Red Pill!!! lol!!

Man RPR that is a ride of rides & to see it run was awesome... Thanks for posting this video Blue Line... It makes this new guy to the hobby motivated to think outside the box... 

I always enjoyed the bantering between myself & friends on the RC Car track .. We kept it clean and fun and nothing ever personal...  Who knows maybe one day "Trash Talk Alley" will reveal itself... 

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NDeavers80 3/16/24

I've still got the family truckster that raced in the race if you want to actually make it fast I can send it to you tim

That is one baaaad cat

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RayRaySugar 3/27/24

Looking good, Tim. I assume this is going to Elevation? 

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JeffSpeed07 3/28/24

Man, 2019 was in my opinion the PEAK of the King of the Mountain. 

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