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Ford Fan Dual

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SpyDude 10/2/23

Address, por favor?

  • Cheers. — Numbskull
  • hey thank you appreciate it!!! — MQHracing
  • I only just got it the day before - as soon as I saw you guys needed it, I messaged each of you asap. — SpyDude
  • Thanks spydude for getting it out there. — Triple_B
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MQHracing 10/3/23

Yes cars ready to go just need shipping address

  • Sorry for delay on getting the address out there. Good to hear you got it. — Triple_B

Cars ready to go, need address!

  • Please look back at previous comments here. I put it up on a couple of them. — Triple_B
  • Sorry about that. They're on their way, might be a day or two late. They should be there in time for the racing. Thank you!! — G_ForceRacing
  • No worries about being late. We're going to start with some time trials, and will probably be having at least a couple of videos just for qualifying — Triple_B
  • Cool, tracking says should arrive tomorrow... can't wait to see the tournament! — G_ForceRacing
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Marco_Polo 10/3/23

Address please ???

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Marco_Polo 10/3/23

  • yup — Numbskull
  • Hit him up on FB. That's how I finally got to him. :) — FeralPatrick
  • 324 Glendale st. Creve Coeur Illinois 61610 — Triple_B

Yup, just need an address.

  • Check previous comments ???? thanks, and my apologies for not getting it. — Triple_B
  • Sweet! — G_ForceRacing

Goimg to be Late, but On their way!

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Numbskull 10/16/23

On the way.

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