Ford GT40 Driver's Challenge - a Formula $pecial Event (FULL)

Friday, October 1st, 2021
Hosted by Canadian Driving Club | Marcus Firegone | MnM Diecast Racing
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Marcus Friday, 5/21/2021

While the winners of the Formula $pecial are celebrating their 1st through 3rd place finishes and collecting all their prizes the next 8 best will take the wheel of a GT40.  Those who finsih 4th to 11th will be assigned a Ford GT40 provided by the Canadian Driving Club to compete for a final prize.

This is a our Carroll Shelby Day sponsored by Marcus Firegone.

See for the Formula $pecial details.

Rules & restrictions

  • Stock Cars will be provided (by Canadian Driving Club | Marcus Firegone)
  • Stock Weight
  • Stock Wheels
  • Original Factory Finish
  • Dry Lube will be applied

Dates & deadlines

This is NOT a mail-in event.  This is part of the Forumla $pecial Event of July 1st which is a mail-in even.

How to enter

See for the Formula $pecial details.

You can contact the tournament host

Just between you and me, I plan to make this an event in 2022 as well but I'm going to go with the Hot Wheels Ford GT LM casting.  This will be an all mail-in event with first priority going to participants of the 2022 Formula $pecial Event but will also be open to others as well.


This event takes place following the Grand Prix of South Dakota at the BlackHills Speedway (Hosted by: MnM Diecast Racing)

Race format and scoring

Eight Cars, will be split into two bracks of 4 cars each.  Each group of 4 cars will be run 4 times with rotating start positions (KotM / DIRS style).  Cars are awarded 5 points for 1st, 3 points for 2nd, 2 points for 3rd, 1 point for 4th and 0 points for a DNF.  The top two scoring cars from each group of 4 cars forms a new 3rd group of 4 cars.  This 3rd group will also be run 4 times with rotating start positions and awarded points.  The winner is the Driver/Car with the most points.


Cars are provided by the Canadian Driving Club | Marcus Firegone.


The winner gets to choose a Hot Wheels Casting as a prize.  It can be a Carroll Shelby related casting or a F1/Indy Car casting.


Mailing the Cars to MnM Diecast Racing = $35 (estimate)

8x Ford GT-40 Castings (Different Colours) = $132 (aprox. $16.50 each)

Amazon Gift Card to Track Host Owner: $50

You Choice of Hot Wheels Car Casting Prize = $30 (aprox., including mailing)

Total Sponsor Ship by Marcus Firegone:  $247US


Sounds Awesome! 

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