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Milton-Fox 3/19/14

That's all well and good but what's your address?

I sent it to you in a message...

That car is just flat out frickin' awesome!!! Congrats on the win Traction Event!!!

Thanks, quite a compliment from a vetran fast guy! I'm honored.

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Milton-Fox 3/21/14

The Mustang and Focus returned today! With a bonus body and engine - Thanks Smitty!

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Stroller 3/23/14

Okay I now have all the needed addresses so I am sending out prizes tomorrow, finally. Thank you all for playing......

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delta6 3/24/14

Scored a starting gate from Smitty that showed up with my Fords. Thank you very much. The goal next weekend is to spend all day Sat building, tuning, and testing my new track set up.
Fords, Fords, Fords: Nice win & congratulations!

Thanks again Smitty for the starter!

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model40fan 3/24/14

hope it works out ok...

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Stroller 3/24/14

Okay all the prizes for you guys are on the way. For some reason Fast Fred got 2 cars. Weber Cabin and Rally Case were sent in the same package. Extra Car for 2nd and 3rd Place winners and even more for our Champion Traction Event. Sorry it took so long................... ............Not running Fords Fords Fords again.....I like more variety....... ....It was fun though................Stroller

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Dadvball 3/26/14

Got my prize cars today! Thank you very much. Looking forward to poppin' them open and trying down the track.

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Milton-Fox 3/27/14

Received two prize cars in the mail today - thanks! Have to confess my first thoughts were "how many different ways I could modify that Ford"! and "now that would make a different looking gasser"!

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

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JDC442 3/27/14

I think that Ford base might fit the 55 Bel Air body

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model40fan 3/27/14

the axles will fall out, almost any early ford body will fit and get an alignment saving front bumper in the prossess !

Got My prize pack...THANKS Stroller