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redlinederby 2/13/19
Site manager

Hmmm...are the track lanes too close together? Like they're pushing against each other too much? I have found if you make the lanes too tight, it can make them waffle a bit and affect the walls.

Even with the 3DBM starting gate, the lanes are very tightly pushed together and that can make for some unevenness down the lane a bit. Goes from tight to spread out. I'm not sure if it impacts the cars all that much but it's always bugged me.

Custom aluminium track connectors, coming to a store near you! Watch out 3DBotmaker! Ya right, I just hope they can keep my track straighter and  smoother than before. 


  • I'd buy those! I pitched something like that to 3DBM in the past...clearly he set his sights much higher — redlinederby
  • I actually took prefab aluminum strips from Home Depot and slid them into the orange track rail to try and keep them from waffling. It kinda's noticeable difference but a long, full-width strip would be better — redlinederby

Still have fine tuning, lights, starting gate trigger and paint, but have it rolling great and most of the track is put together. One problem I have is the stopper. Don’t get me wrong I love it, but for the speed and weight of our cars it stops them to violently in my opinion. Think I’m going to add some memory foam that was suggested in a past post. After that I may stop working on it to start building our cars for Mustang Summer.

But have plans to return to the Forever Track to completion. This has so far been a huge learning experience. If I wasn’t a carpenter I don’t think I would want to take on such a project. Not trying to  discourage anyone from attempting to build a project track from scratch, but keep it simple if your imagination will allow you.

Also if I had to buy all the materials I have used, this project would be in the $400 to $500 range. It’s still a blast thought, but my wife thinks I’m nuts.  Thanks again for everyone’s support and advice, hopefully I bring home a win or two in the summer!


  • It has to be said, that is nothing short of art! Quality job right through. You just raised the bar by several notches. — TuxMcBea
  • ...and your wife may think you are nuts, but I (and I'm sure a lot of others here) think you are a genius! — TuxMcBea
  • Thanks PeteB ! — NastiNatiRacing

Awesome job...I'm a licensed GC and I love building tracks...and yes...that stopper will not do for 57g plus you want to host the Mustangs for Mustang Summer????

  • I don’t think the track is long enough, but I could easily add another 8’. Not saying yes or no but ask me again in a few weeks with the dates you have in mind. I’m leaning twords yes though. — NastiNatiRacing
  • Yeah, bigger catch box for sure. Even just a nice roll of foam or towels or something. Doesn't have to be fancy...or make a housing for it if it looks weird. — redlinederby

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