Forum spam, my apologies

redlinederby Sunday, 1/16/2011
Site manager

Recently I had to remove a lot of bot spam from the forum, so if you see any random posts promoting super juice or anything, my apologies. I scan the forum regularly so these type things should get taken down relatively quickly. Otherwise, I'm trying to find a way to stop these punks at the door. Of course, for being online more than a year, the fact that this is the first spam incident is a good thing.


I also use PHP board and I had to set it up so that I approve all people that are signing up for the message board. More work on your part though having to do this.

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redlinederby 1/17/11
Site manager

And that's what I just did. New members are now admin approved.

I don't know why spam just magically started after being up for more than a year, but so be it. There are now rules.

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Jobe 1/17/11

Had to do the same for my Cadillac forum.
Finally figured out how to keep the bots from registering as well, it's a battle!

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redlinederby 1/20/11
Site manager

Yeah, this is getting ridiculous. I get 24+ spam registrations a day at least...thankfully they use crazy names so it's somewhat easy to catch possible non-spam.

However, if anyone that is reading this post that is new and signed up but still can't post, please e-mail werace[at] with the username you used and I'll approve your account as soon as possible.

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