FTE Logo?

Hartbeat Friday, 10/8/2021

Can anyone tell me why there is what looks like a FTE logo on this card?  According to South Texas Diecasts price guide this car did not have a FTE wheel variation so I don't think it is a wheel error.  Maybe a card print error but the thing is this is the fifth one I have seen with that logo and none of the cars have FTE's which makes me wonder why it's there and what it means.  Does anyone have some knowledge on this?


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MessyMarv 10/10/21

My best guess is card error.  Maybe it was planned to be an FTE at first but was never made into one?

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Uncle_Elvis 10/11/21

Not an error. Common logo on the short cards from that era. Many of them have it. The Camaro is part of the Motown Muscle subset and did not have an FTE version. 

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