FYI...Target has HW's for 79 cents

Jobe Friday, 10/1/2010

I assume it's for all Targets, but I stopped by one on the way back from a job site out of town and picked up some cars for 79 cents.


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David 10/1/10

The ones here in SC are doing the same thing.

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redlinederby 10/2/10
Site manager

My target was picked over pretty bad. They had some nice 2-packs though so I got a few more cars for next season.

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markkaz 10/4/10

I picked up a few cars. I stopped buy a Target today and they
didn't have a single car anywhere. I think that the sale ends
today so hopefully, the pegs will be stocked in the morning.
I'm going to give it a shot tomorrow.

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