Garage sale season is here...share your finds

redlinederby Saturday, 5/13/2017
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Garage sale season is upon us! I know I'll be out and about checking neighborhood garages and yards looking for anything Hot Wheels.

Share what you've found at your local sales this year.


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Jdub3000 5/14/17

22 FTE's for 11$ whooo hoooo!

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Mopar_Mafia 7/7/17

Found this vintage track set from the original owner circa 1968-1969. 26 pcs of seamless track included, let the building begin.

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LeagueofSpeed 7/10/17
Event coordinator

Not Garage Sale or Flea Market, but was down in Wilmington NC visiting the Lady of Speeds folks....and we had the 1/4 Mile Club with us as well, and when showing the Father in Laws HO train set up to one half of the 1/4 Mile Club.....FnL who owns an Austin Healy gave these to me....looking forward to racing them!!!!

  • nice — Mopar_Mafia
  • That red Healey got me back into collecting in 2001. How clean my garage would be if I never went down the Hot Wheels aisle that day lol. — sub4ra
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redlinederby 7/10/17
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The Healy's are pretty speedy, if I remember correctly.

I have both of those castings and it was quite some time before I realized that one had a metal chassis and the other only a plastic. I think the red one had the metal. They're different a bit because there's almost 2 that supports the interior and another that supports the axles. 

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LeagueofSpeed 7/10/17
Event coordinator

Both of these have the metal chassis strip supporting the axels....both 40g.

  • You're right...I have a green Healy too, maybe it's the plastic strip..either way :) — redlinederby
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Mopar_Mafia 7/11/17

Here are some of today's finds

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Mopar_Mafia 8/19/17

Some additional places to find good deals on Hot Wheels.

There are some apps that people use to sell used things locally other than CL. LetGo is a mobile app and so is Offer-up. My friend has brought in several hauls of decent collections of cars for approx. 20-50 cents on the dollar for carded cars. NextDoor is also a local based app that is generally for neighborhood announcements and news, etc... But it is also building a decent classified ad section. We hauled in a 6 lane track for 20 bucks. It was used but still had all the working pcs.

Once Upon a Child is a used children's clothing and toy store. They usually have hot wheels. Yes they are badly bruised sometimes but I have found some 55 Chevy wagons and Gassers too.

I made friends with the local hobby shop. The owner buys about 4 cases of 72 per year. She allows me to open the cases when they come in and pick out what I want as long as I buy enough to make it worth her while. Her prices are slightly higher that big box but who else will let you do that? Sometimes she is able to order 1 off cars but not always.

I live in the South and we have Publix Supermarkets on every corner like Wal-Mart and Target. Publix carries Hot Wheels on the same aisle as motor oil, light bulbs and a/c filters. About once a quarter they stock up an end cap and have a couple hundred cars. Their prices are 1.09 per car but sometimes you find one that you don't see other places and sometimes you see the same thing for weeks.

We also have a store called Rural King. It is a huge farm supply like Tractor Supply, harbor freight and ace hardware all wrapped up in one. They are literally the size of all these stores combined. They also carry Hot Wheels in their toy section. I went to one about an hour away while I was on business and the selection sucked. 2 days later I went to another store closer and they had a huge selection. They carry 3 packs, 5 packs and single carded at 1 dollar even on singles. That store had decent selection but the kicker was there were 2 cases on the shelf above. Easily reached by two 6' 2" guys one case was opened but not gone through and the other case un-opened. We hauled 25 cars outta there between us that day.

Happy Hunting, Mopar_Mafia

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sub4ra 8/20/17

Great topic!  I don't really have any garage sale finds, but I hit up a lot of thrift stores every week and get some really nice finds.  Offerup has really been nice to me too.

  • Hey sub4ra saw your youtube page good stuff. — Mopar_Mafia
  • Thank you Mopar. I just posted the lineup for the next NASCAR race. — sub4ra
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LeagueofSpeed 8/20/17
Event coordinator

Garage sale...Flea market...Thrift store...Walmart...Target...Toy's R Us...and everywhere in between...The Quest for Speed is real and it continues coast to coast...Happy Hunting.

  • Haven't had alot of luck @ garage flea or thrift.You covered the big box sources — Mopar_Mafia
  • LO$ went to walmart today near a family member their stock was wimpy today — Mopar_Mafia
  • You are right the quest continues — Mopar_Mafia
  • A thrift store is a just a yard sale with a roof. — redlinederby
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