Garden Canyon Run 2.0 Build Journal

AlleyCatRaceClub Saturday, 2/20/2021

Hey there, I'm revamping the track and thought I'd start a build journal so you can follow along and even make suggestions if you like. I appreciate your support and feedback!

The current track has been in service since last summer, and has hosted two tournaments. It's been tons of fun, and I'm grateful for the support I've gotten and the feedback. It consists of a straightaway followed by a quick set of "S" turns leading onto a finish straight with no sidewall barriers. Here's a pic of the current start gate/start straight, it runs straight north along my narrow porch between the house and a garden bed on the other side of those posts:

I'm going to turn the start gate so it faces east (below)

I'll add two left turns, here's the mid-build shot of turn 1, each side is a separate piece, held to the fence by one sturdy bolt with washers and wingnuts:

They're supported by the 4x4 fencepost in the corner, so they just need to be held in place. The new opening straight on the right lands on the section to the left in the pic at the corner, and rests against that little block of wood to stay in place along with the bolt at the other end. I'm using sheet vinyl flooring scrap I got from work, and some old pine boards from an ikea bed that no longer exists to try making a banked 90 degree turn. I'll use three pieces of vinyl in the turn. I think it'll be a little rough, but pretty effective. Testing on the vinyl loosely held in place in my living room was very promising. It's, very much still in the design phase!

After turn 1, heading north with the fence on the driver's right, We'll have the biggest/quickest descent on the track, dropping into the garden bed, in the pic below, about where that white birch branch leans against the fence:

we'll head back toward the porch, turning right between that chair and bright orange post, hooking up with the current straightaway and continuing on as we have now since last summer. In this section through the garden bed I think I'll possibly leave a section open with no sidewalls, just like on the finish straight to add some dramalama.

We had a really nice day here in the PNW to be outside working in the garden and dreaming up a 1:64 scale universe. I hope I can get this done in time for the upcoming GCR Spring Classic! Don't forget to enter your car!


That new layout design sounds cool!  I'm excited to participate in the Spring Classic!

  • The field should be even more competitive than before too! I can't wait to get going! — AlleyCatRaceClub
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