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redlinederby Thursday, 3/31/2011
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The blog is the third side of Redline Derby Racing triangle that includes the forums and fantasy league. While regular conversation and chat happens here on the message boards, I like to see the blog as a way to feature topics and ideas in a better light. That being said, I'm always looking for topics that are good candidates for a full featured blog article.

If you have any ideas or questions or want a more detailed look at some aspect of the diecast racing hobby, please post your ideas here or PM me and they might become featured on the blog.

There's plenty of club interviews and a decent collection of how-to articles already on the blog but there's obviously more to our hobby that what's already been said. Even if your idea is not knowledge I have off hand, I'll do my best to find people that do know and report the information they share. Part of the fun of blogging is learning and sharing the excitement.

As interesting topics come up here in the forums, I may port those over to the blog and I'll do my best to let you know that it will be happening and will of course give you credit for your efforts.

Please don't be shy with any ideas or topics.


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cdg 4/3/11


Oldest HW currently racing... any vintage redlines ?

Exposing cheats... how have cars been 'modified' outside permissible guidelines.

Most bizarre looking cars - a few photos of current racers.

thats all i got...


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JDC442 4/3/11

'Compilation of Collecting Stories'
We could all send in a short story or two about our collecting adventures. I have one from way back in '79 about a three pack I got while on vacation and also a Costco tale from '98. You could put a compilation of all our stories into a blog.

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