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Gotham City Grand Prix - FULL

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Mayfield41 11/15/21

Did mine arrive over the weekend? Hope so

  • YES! Your rig arrived and is locked and loaded, ready to go. — GrumpyCloud
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Parker_Racing 11/15/21

Here's mine!

  • Those wheels with the blue paint look nice! — GrumpyCloud
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GrumpyCloud 11/16/21

Just an update, I've received almost all the cars.  There is one builder who let me know a few days ago he will not be sending in a car to race.  This leaves a hole in our 16 car bracket.  I'll randomly draw an order, and the #1 seeded car will get a first round bye.  Thanks to everyone who is participating.  All the rigs look great!

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GrumpyCloud 11/21/21

The drivers have arrived!  Take a look at all the great builds and our randomly drawn seeding.

  • You able to change my driver to R-Lo? — RLoRacing
  • Yeah, I’ll make the change. — GrumpyCloud
  • Nice looking cars, this is gonna be a tough race. — Numbskull
  • We have the results yet? — Parker_Racing
  • Love that blue TV Series Batmobile! Very classy. — TheMakersBox
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GrumpyCloud 11/27/21

Round One:

  • Awesome racing. Nice slippers. — Numbskull
  • haha, Thanks. My daughter was laughing her @ss off during editing. "Dad, everyone can see your feet." — GrumpyCloud
  • That was a fluke Gray Wizard; you had that one! — RaSungod
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GrumpyCloud 11/28/21

Round Two:

  • Good stuff. Fast and dangerous. — Numbskull
  • Why am I so slow off the line? Gotta fix that when the car gets back to the shop. — RaSungod
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GrumpyCloud 11/30/21

Thank you to everyone who raced with us.  This was a fun experience on our end.  Hope you all enjoyed building your Batmobiles and seeing them compete on the track.  The overall Winner and "Best in Show" will both be receiving a Treasure Hung casting as prizes.

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GrumpyCloud 12/6/21

Thanks for racing with us. All the builds have been shipped back to their owners. I have tracking numbers for each one. If you want it, just shoot me a message and I'll give you the car's USPS code.

  • Got mine today. Thanks again for hosting — RLoRacing
  • Glad it made it back to you! Thanks for racing with us. — GrumpyCloud

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