Grand Champion Qualifying. (Updated March 11 2023)

Thursday, April 20th, 2023
Hosted by Garden Super Speedway Park
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Garden_Super_Speedway_Park Sunday, 2/26/2023


This is a very big undertaking and may take some time to properly finish this post/thread. Everything written here is to be considered a ruff draft until I state it is finished. 

Although custom cars are recommended for all races, if anyone is unable to send in custom created cars, I WILL ACCEPT and race all BONE STOCK cars mailed in.

Good day diecast fans. We here at the Garden Super Speedway Park we have a Grand Opening Ceremonies Tournament already published and are currently eagerly awaiting participants. This announcement serves to open up all 6 Race courses to the general racing public. As it would be too much information to include here about all of the tracks, this will serve as a general wide reaching invitation. I will be touching on the basics of qualifying for the season ending GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS, which will be held live on Facebook, New Year's Eve with Fire works.

Every track is unique to itself and thus does have special rules and regulations. However every track will be scored, resulting in a ladder climb format. I am doing it this way so I can go ahead and populate the ladders with house provided drones. This will also allow cars to trickle in all season long and challenge the ladder as they arrive. I hope this will also give builders the chance to enter more than one car per ladder per track at any given time. Example, if a builders car arrives early and fails to climb the ladder to the desired level, they will be aloud to enter a new attempt. I also hope this will give builders, ( who wish to challenge for the Manufacturers Cup), to send in bigger teams competing across a wider range of tracks with no pressure to have the entire team mailed in at one time. Hoping that this will help make it more affordable and accessible to those on a limited budget.

There will be several races of cars across the board of all tracks, every track having its own specific car requirements.

Rules & restrictions

All entries may start arriving after Thursday, 4/20/2023. All entries must be no later than September 01 2023.  ( Wet weather and winter work schedule will become a problem after this time ).  Results will be posted as soon as the car is filmed climbing the chosen ladder or after that date as is convenient for the host.  The final Grand Championship finals will be filmed on New Year's Eve leading up to fire works as the year changes.


All Cars will only run in the one race they were built for.  The exception to this is the "Run What You Brung" race.  This 1 car will race all 6 tracks.  One driver for this car.  If you should choose to do so,  you may enter up to two cars per race, each car must have its own driver.  Every race course has no less than 4 races each. You may use the same driver for all 4 races. That driver will only race that one track..

•WEIGHT :  50 grams minimum, cars are so fast that with out some weight to hold them down, they will fly off. 120 grams maximum. (Currently, of my first 15 builds, the first 3 cars on the Canada Hwy 0 ladder are between 90 & 105 grams.)  Weight Must be hidden. Piant it black if you can see it, like example below.

•INTERIORS :  Must see dashboard and tops of seats. (Stock dark tinted windows?  if this is you, then you don't have to show interiors)


•Any axle system and wheel comb you want. 

•Stock paint or custom. No Numbers required. 

•All entries must have a "Place Card" . Similar in size to a "Business Card".  Get fancy, (picture of your car and team logo) or keep it simple, (cut out a packageing card) I will even accept a hand drawn/coloured made card. (I don't have a computer and printer to make one, so I don't expect you to either.) Majorette cars come with one.

Each race course has at least 1 specific rule for that track and that track alone That rule will be stated under the track name before I describe that race course event.

How to enter

Contact the tournament host to get the shipping address for entry.

Include at least $ what ever it cost you in prepaid postage for return shipping if you really really want your entries back.  I want the top three podium winners to stay and defend there position next year. All other entries are welcome to go home or will be kept for prizes along with house provided drones that get knocked off the ladder.  (My Brothers Drone cars will stay home)  All drones that do not get knocked off will stay to populate the ladder for next year.



1rst Race... Grand Opening Celebration... Special rule... Non Hotwheels castings with Coloured hotwheels swap only.  It is suggested that you pick cars too wide for standard Hotwheels orange track.

2nd Race... Super Rigs... Special rule... Unlimited weight,  must have free moving hitch,  Do not lock up the tractor and trailer, must have its factory provided car and be free moving inside trailer.  This car will be raced too, so all standard rules apply.

3rd race... Hill Top Derby... SPECIAL TOURNAMENT.  ALL TEAMS ENTERING MUST BE HERE BEFORE August 1rst... Special rule... 5 car teams. 1 car is the distance.  1 car is the Ramp car.  1 car is Road clearing.  2 cars are Blockers.  The Road clearing and Ramp cars may be Premium Hot wheels trucks. If you choose to go this route, the rubber wheels must not be "glazed".  It is suggested that you pick cars too wide for standard Hotwheels orange track. Example, I will be picking my cars from these classic Matchbox and Majorette.  I will weight them a little bit and probably only repaint the Ferrari. The Centanal is for display only. It will not be racing.

4th Race...1:32 Scale cars... Special Rules...No Electric Motors.  200 Grams.  Pull back/winde up spring motors only.  Custom or stock paint.  Dry lube only.  If you know how to put bearings or bushings in, go ahead

5th race..." Run What You Brung."... This is the 1 car and driver who will race all 6 tracks... Pick your favorite casting... Special rule... Must fit  standard Orange Hotwheels track. 

Canada Hwy 0... Santa's Sleighway... (Hwy of lost toys) 

1rst Race... Majorette... Special rule... Must retain Majorette wheels and axles...  Max 55 grams weight. The built in suspension is probably too soft for any more weight. The wheels will probably just bottom out and slow the car down in the corners. 

2nd Race... Matchbox... Must retain Matchbox wheels and Axles... No extreme wheel polishing.  Must retain standard noisy wheels. 

3rd race... Sporty Street Trucks... Weight placement.. only what weight that can be fit under the hood between the front wheels simulating engine weight.  In the truck bed only, the weight should look like you are carrying a couple of beer kegs. Make sure the kegs don't fly out, Santa is providing beer for the elves New Year's Party.  Weight in the cab, should look like fat people sitting in the seats. If you want to race trucks like these below, you will have to alter the casting to allow for the kegs to be inside the truck bed. El Camino, Ranchero and fantasy quality as trucks. Remember that low centre of gravity is essential.

4th race... Character Cars...(as designated by Hotwheels).  Marvel/DC comics,. Disney/Pixar, Netflix,  Special rule... Your Team identifying marking, not a complete repaint.

5th race... "RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG" cars.

CAGE MATCH. (like wrestling for cars, lots of beating and banging)  

1rst race... Character Cars... as designated by Hotwheels... Special rules...  This is a wrestling match, so all cars should be repainted to look like WWF or WWE wrestling. Think like Hulk Hogan, Motcho Man Randy Savage, Rick Flair, Jimmy the Fly Snooka.  

2nd Race... Cousin Pony Cars... "Fox bodies"...No special build rules. Car examples. Mercury Cougar,  Pontiac Firebird,  Plymouth Barracuda,  I think  AMC Rebel. 

3rd Race... Full Fantasy cars... Special rule... These are the Hotwheels that clearly look like  pure imagination. Not trying to be any other car on the road. Same Wrestling match rules as race 1.   No "BEAST" cars. These above are examples of Qualifying Fantasy cars. These above cars are examples of BEAST cars. They Do NOT qualify. 

4rth Race... Wannabee Fantasy cars...  These are the cars that look like the designer was trying to look like a real car and failed.  Or, the designer took styling cues from a couple of different real cars and tried to fuse them into one car.  I will accept "Tooned" cars into this category.  The following are examples of qualifying cars. There are cars in that picture that are unsuccessful at getting down the Cage Match.  There is something wrong with how they were designed, but if you really want to try, I won't stop you.  Wrestling rules like race 1 and 3.

5th Race.  "RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG" cars.

PHOENIX HILLS... PREMIUM CARS only... Special rules...  NO Wheel Glazing. I built this hilly pump action drag track with premium cars in mind. 

1rst Race.  Purpose built Race Cars. Examples as follows.



Race format and scoring



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WallyChamp73 2/27/23


If I understand your description correctly, this will be pretty cool.   Can New Jersey Drive Racing send in a few entries to this contest?

I'm in all the way from Florida.

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