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Read this over on The Verge about a guy that has car models and shoot them in a "scene" using the oldest camera trick in the book...depth perception (or lack there of). He puts his diecast (looks like bigger scale) on a table in front of a suitable real world backdrop. A little floor decoration and the shots look wonderful. It's probably easier given the larger scale of his cars but this trick might be great for our tiny Hot Wheels too...something to play with...

Original article: The model town: glorious photos of a vintage America that never was

This shot...
Diecast Cars Hot Wheels Matchbox

...was created using this technique...
Diecast Cars Hot Wheels Matchbox

Lots more over on the guy's Flickr page with more setup shots. Very cool.

Man that is sooooooo cool...thanks for posting!


So cool. I like how just a subtle turn of the front wheels makes it look so much more realistic.

Those shots are amazing. Completely fooled me. Those cars look life size indeed!

Word is spreading on this, there were something on the website about it with some additional pictures.

That's true. A friend of mine posted this story, and he has no interest in cars. He wants to do the same thing with monsters.

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