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GTR Baja Bison Rallycross

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Howdy GTR... I'm well aware the tournament is full, just voicing my interest here to be in queue if other people pull out

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JBlotner42 2/12/24

Got my Bison all sanded up and ready for painting.

And now the first coat.

  • golden bull! — FredD
  • Good progress — GravityThrottleRacing
  • Well I was going to do Gold and Black but you just convinced me to leave it solid gold FredD. — JBlotner42
  • lol! Looking good! — FredD
  • It may not win, but it will look good loosing! lol — JBlotner42
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RagingRicky 2/16/24

Just have to find a bison and get it built and I'll be in

  • Hi Ricky. I'm afraid my tournament is full. If you would like to send a Bison to run down the track as a test, I will gladly do that and film it with my phone and share any feedback.. — GravityThrottleRacing
  • gtr, you are amazing — dr_dodge
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Flipster23 2/17/24

Does entry have to have a number on it?

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