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GTR Baja Bison Rallycross [FULL]

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RaginRicky 2/16/24

Just have to find a bison and get it built and I'll be in

  • Hi Ricky. I'm afraid my tournament is full. If you would like to send a Bison to run down the track as a test, I will gladly do that and film it with my phone and share any feedback.. — GravityThrottleRacing
  • gtr, you are amazing — dr_dodge
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Flipster23 2/17/24

Does entry have to have a number on it?

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Old_Sarge 2/22/24

By chance any opening left?  Disregard saw a previous request, ill try for the next tournament..

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StokesRacing 2/25/24

Gradually getting together the bits and pieces I need to build my entry.... will post a picture once it's complete ????

 Just one question for any experienced builders (this will be my first attempt). Out of the box, there's a fair bit of sideways motion on the axles. Is this normal? Are better results usually obtained with this movement, or by securing the axel in a central position?



  • Speaking for my track only with the Mesa Butte drift pad and Scrambler, the normal amount of sideways motion on the axles is more favorable. A few builders have even sent modified cars with standard axles on a narrow body, and I've been pleasantly surprised. They do pretty well. — GravityThrottleRacing
  • Many thanks! Makes things a bit easier :-) — StokesRacing
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HANGAR77 3/11/24

Hi, if the last alternative spot is still open, I'd like to jump in! Thanks! 

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dr_dodge 3/12/24

boxed up and on it's way tomorrow

It was at the opening of the new offroad off road track

You asked for stunning, I tried my best


  • That was awesome! Oh, and I got several good laughs with the various outtakes. Love the yellow ambulance. The Bison does indeed look stunning. Was that an giant motor in an overwise electric vehicle? HAHA! — GravityThrottleRacing
  • Hybrid, actually 2 - 4cyl diesels, a 3rd blower for altitude compensation (with belt) also a radiator in there, and the spare tires under the covers are off the rear of a crash track car. and there's supplies in the roof rack. (and as far as the unfortunate incident, the camera was OK! — dr_dodge
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Cknascar20 3/13/24

Am I eligible to send in my bison?

  • Since you've entered the Bouncer tourny, technically, you are not allowed. You can still send one over for the halftime shenanigans. — GravityThrottleRacing
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Kingshark 4/2/24

If someone backs out I'm interested 

Is it still possible to sent a car? or too late? cheers! Moe.

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Spirit_Of_64 4/21/24

Cutting things close once again, but my Bison is ready to make the trek west(but actually east) from Denver to Shavano!  Ignis Shawn Sparks is a fan of EVs, so he's been tapped to drive this one!

Our baja bison is nearly ready and will be in the mail tomorrow. It weighs about 59.4g and has working suspension. It could use some improvements in later attempts but it's first go at suspension. 

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Crazy_Canuck 4/23/24

All these sweet looking Bisons... I think this might be more exciting than the current Bouncer race... and that tournament has had some pretty amazing highlights so far

  • I agree, this should be a fun run! — dr_dodge

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