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GTR Baja Bison Rallycross

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RaginRicky 2/16/24

Just have to find a bison and get it built and I'll be in

  • Hi Ricky. I'm afraid my tournament is full. If you would like to send a Bison to run down the track as a test, I will gladly do that and film it with my phone and share any feedback.. — GravityThrottleRacing
  • gtr, you are amazing — dr_dodge
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Flipster23 2/17/24

Does entry have to have a number on it?

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Old_Sarge 2/22/24

By chance any opening left?  Disregard saw a previous request, ill try for the next tournament..

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StokesRacing 2/25/24

Gradually getting together the bits and pieces I need to build my entry.... will post a picture once it's complete ????

 Just one question for any experienced builders (this will be my first attempt). Out of the box, there's a fair bit of sideways motion on the axles. Is this normal? Are better results usually obtained with this movement, or by securing the axel in a central position?



  • Speaking for my track only with the Mesa Butte drift pad and Scrambler, the normal amount of sideways motion on the axles is more favorable. A few builders have even sent modified cars with standard axles on a narrow body, and I've been pleasantly surprised. They do pretty well. — GravityThrottleRacing
  • Many thanks! Makes things a bit easier :-) — StokesRacing
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HANGAR77 3/11/24

Hi, if the last alternative spot is still open, I'd like to jump in! Thanks! 

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dr_dodge 3/12/24

boxed up and on it's way tomorrow

It was at the opening of the new offroad off road track

You asked for stunning, I tried my best


  • That was awesome! Oh, and I got several good laughs with the various outtakes. Love the yellow ambulance. The Bison does indeed look stunning. Was that an giant motor in an overwise electric vehicle? HAHA! — GravityThrottleRacing
  • Hybrid, actually 2 - 4cyl diesels, a 3rd blower for altitude compensation (with belt) also a radiator in there, and the spare tires under the covers are off the rear of a crash track car. and there's supplies in the roof rack. (and as far as the unfortunate incident, the camera was OK! — dr_dodge
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Cknascar20 3/13/24

Am I eligible to send in my bison?

  • Since you've entered the Bouncer tourny, technically, you are not allowed. You can still send one over for the halftime shenanigans. — GravityThrottleRacing
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Kingshark 4/2/24

If someone backs out I'm interested 

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