GTR Baja Bouncer Invitational [FULL]

Saturday, March 9th, 2024
Hosted by Gravity Throttle Racing
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GravityThrottleRacing Saturday, 2/3/2024


DUE MARCH 9 - updated Feb 19

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Polo Racing [RECEIVED]
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GTR Baja Bouncer tournament was by invitation only.  This is a placeholder for the entrants to review the rules and guidelines. 

Castings choices - only the 2021 Baja Bouncer with Lucas Oil on the side or the 2022 Baja Bouncer with HotWheels on the side are eligible.

Weight Limit: 60 grams (1g allowance over for scale variability)

Weight Distribution and Placement: The Baja Bouncer is metal on metal and weighs in at about 58g. The fake tires on the back are part of the rear metal post. I highly recommend that you trim off the fake tires to bring the weight forward closer to a 50/50 weight distribution. Another important step is to place weight UNDER the chassis. There is plenty of clearance and you need to get the CG as low as possible. If you don't remove the fake tires, you will have to remove other parts of the truck in order to put weight under the chassis.

Tires: This is pretty obvious. The Baja Bouncer comes with rubber tires. They must go bye-bye. You will need to do a wheel swap with comparable plastic tires. I do not recommend plastic knobby wheels. Instead, you can get the Baja Bison, which comes with large sized wheels, and install them on the Bouncer. FYI - I found a Bison at the local Walmart last week. Hope that helps.

Paint and other accessories: Please take your time and really make your entry look stunning! Please avoid hand painted numbers. Please no dystopia themes with guns and bazooka launchers. I'll do that in a future tournament. This is a rallycross baja event. You can add a flag or other baja-style details that are appropriate for an endurance race. Please no offensive graphics or images (ex. bikini girls).

Racing Number: Yes, it is required. When you RSVP, please select a number. If you ask for a number that's already taken, I will let you know.

Race Format:
32 builders will participate (invitation only)
Time Trials will determine the matchups
8 group races: top 2 move on
Sweet 16: top 2 move on
Elite 8: top 2 move on
Final 4
PS - You are welcome to write to me and share your opinion on how the scoring should go.

Shipping Address:
c/o Mark Hoyle
2420 N. Longwood Cir
Wichita, KS 67226

Due date: Saturday, March 9
Fee: $10 (nice prizes for the final 4)

Can I contact you if I have questions while building my Bouncer? Yes. I check Messenger frequently.
Can I send two Bouncers and ask you to race the faster one? Yes. I will time each down the track 5 times, share the results, and let you decide. In my opinion, given the fact that you can only choose from 2 models, this race is gonna boil down to axle and wheel preparation, alignment, symmetry, weight distribution, and luck.


Racing will be on the Gravity Throttle Racing. View track profile and specs



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WesCoasin 2/4/24

Looks like it's too Late

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Bolo_Brown 2/5/24

Wow how did I miss this I got my car ready in everything

  • Same here but it's invite only. We will have to dominate in the other mail in races instead :) — EnZedRacing
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