Sunday, September 17th, 2023
Hosted by Gravity Throttle Racing
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GravityThrottleRacing Sunday, 9/17/2023

Hello Diecast Teams!

The GTR Clone Wars was a complete experiment.  I tested several diecast rallycross liftback makes & models, then created a private video, and invited 16 builders to participate.  One builder had to back out last minute, so I created Darth Vador's team of Sith Lords.

Here are the cars that I videod and drift tested to assist the builders.

I loved having the Sith Lord team to mix things up.  It was a nice twist to otherwise traditional diecast racing, but after 6 episodes I felt the races needed to focus on the top 8 scoring teams. Why was this a closed tournament and not open to anyone?  Well, some of the builders listed above have been sending me cars and supporting my channel from the very beginning.  It was time I give them something to enjoy.

Each builder chose a make/model and was assigned to build 2 cars very similar (or clone-like) so the viewers could identify who they were... i.e. their signature logo and/or paint scheme.

Thank you to all the teams!  This was a complete blast!!

-Mark H.

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