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Hairy Man Mountain Runs Inaugural Winter Rally Race ( Full )

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Madline, Fluffy and Hairy Man welcoming in Sneaky Bob to the Mountain

Maddie, Fluffy and Hairy Man welcoming WesCoasin to the Mountain Run.

Ok Guys, Giving you a update. The Timer is Ka-put! have Schotty and one run of Bolo Brown then the timer gave out. Worked on it for a few days then cursed it!

Bought a New one yesterday and am waiting for Delivery date to let you all know. So sorry for the Delay as I was all fired up to post some trials already, Now am fired up at the timer. as soo as it comes in I will be jumping on it to get the Trials continued. Will also post update on utube.

Thank you for your Paitence. Koots

  • thanks for the aggravation you are putting yourself thru! you'll get it sorted — dr_dodge
  • Lol Its been a Brain scratcher, But That is the only one dang thing, but over a year old and time to get a New one and have that fixed for backup.Don't want to try to run any Competition cars without time running. — Bent_Rod_Racing

Madline, Fluffy and Hairy Man welcoming Numbskull to the Mountain after rescuing him from the Ladies in the Post office!

Hello Everyone, Timer is on its way!

That was the Delay in starting of the Race. Went through different options and the best was to Hold till New timer came in, Schotty will redo his Runs and Bolo Brown had one run timed but adjustments to track Demand they get a redo for times.

First Six Drivers are up with time Trials.

Good Mornring! Second Group is up for Times.

  • nice job mate! track is looking good! You may want to change your font color to make it a little easier to read... otherwise awesome job! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • Yes, Has been a quest. This comp stuff is all new to me. Old fashioned sometimes comes back and bites. — Bent_Rod_Racing

Hello Drivers! Racing Bracket is up for the Start of the Winter Rally Race.

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