Has diecast racing influenced car values?

GspeedR Sunday, 10/17/2021

I was reading Brian's "For love or money" topic and thought this was somewhat related but deserved it's own topic.

I came to RDR about 12yrs ago as an experienced, but inactive, collector. While I had a large collection, most were older cars...FTEs were foreign to me and I didn't know what a Cadillac V16 was. So, I began gathering as many of the later model cars that were recommended to me and building a solid racing fleet. I found that local farmer's markets were a virtual treasure trove, selling new in-package cars @ pennies on the dollar. And then there was always ePay...while not always having good deals like the local markets, they almost always had what you were looking for...but you'd have to pay slightly more for it. But there were still deals to be had. It wasn't unusual to find Ferrari F40s or Funny Cars @ $2-$3ea. Original Modern Classic cars could be had for about $10-$12...loose Front Runnin' Fairmonts were about the same. MBX Laser Wheel cars were still an unknown commodity and priced to sell. Even the formidable JL BWF Camaros could be found for less than $20. And, finally, FTEs were reasonable with 20+ car lots selling @ $1.50-$2.50/car w/shipping. 

Here we are 12 years later. I know there are some educated diecast consumers here that are well aware of current asking prices....Have we become a primary motivator in the market?

- GspeedR


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BlueLineRacing 10/17/21

I don't know much about the collection side of Diecast cars but I know for sure there is a premium on castings known for being fast on the track and it can't just be coincidence. 

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redlinederby 10/17/21
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I'd have to guess a big No as far as being a big motivator. Although competitive racing has grown to be its own niche over the past decade, I don't see anyone selling V16s or the likes for any more than any other car. I just don't think the resellers are thinking about the racing market because it is so small compared to people just looking to collect. It's easier to hit the big market, right?

But, as your observation might suggest, I can totally believe that there are now resellers that deal primarily with racing-rated castings. But until I go to a toy show or see someone selling with the motto, "you'll find the best selection of diecast racers around," I think we'll continue to be second-class citizens :)

An idea there, however, is that I could see there being a racing price guide before too long. Right now the guys just focus on collector value and rarity. But there is totally room for a Racing Price Guide. If someone would take the time to collect all the data that's available from the various folks doing the stock racing, I think you'd have a good concept there that people *might* pay for...or least the basis for something people would reference and visit often. A Beckett for competitive diecast racing.

The scene here is Aus (in my opinion) is much much more limited with regard that there is no fair amount of stocks unopened, vintage, as one sees in the US market. (Sighs)

Hence trying to find fast new (older) castings is hard to start off with, and with no real racing scene down here, almost everyone thinks they are selling collector$ item$.

What I have noted in price changing is this. ie Back in 2019 I could buy loose cars dirt cheap. Today in general the prices have gone thru the roof! Why, I think the Restoration/Customisation vids (esp with Covid) have seen here a surge in that part of the hobby, hence a demand for cars to do up.. It frustrates me, when you see these channels, and viewers are donating 100's of cars, thinking that they will be seen on vid get done up, and in reality are never seen again... And gone where? Lost to the grass roots who would like to participate in the hobby and get cheap stock....

Like anything, one has to research and search.


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