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Whitehorn Sunday, 5/2/2021

Hi, I'm Whitehorn. I'm from Texas, but I am an expatriate in Taiwan. I saw 3Dbotmaker's channel, and then stumbled across this website and an old childhood memory was set ablaze. I got inspired! I am 41 years old, experiencing some hand problems from my old hobby (video games), so I am looking for a new hobby. I thought I would start small by building a track here in Taiwan. I saw 3D's mag track, and I think that may be my best bet here. There's plenty of corrugated poster board around here, but the 3D printer is my problem. With so many options out there, I am kind of stuck on where to go, what to do. 

I suppose I am looking for some advice from you guys. Does anyone have any advice for beginners like me?


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redlinederby 5/2/21
Site manager

Welcome to Redline Derby! I think you'll find all sorts of great info and resources here so just poke around in The Archive and see what grabs your attention.

There's a whole section on Track Building that should give you some ideas to fit the space you have.

Cardboard will certainly work and can do a great job. Figure out the amount of space you have and the type of track you want to make (open, drag track, etc) and then go from there. One great thing about building is the trying something, tweaking it, trying it again and so on. There's no real formula since we all have different limitations.

Can't wait to see what you start building and hope you share the photos and your journey as you go.

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