Tournaments and RacingHollywood Road Race-Cars due at D64 4/21

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This race is coming up next track road race that's a lot of fun, CC Rider has been very busy with his site and new Magazine, so his time is limited it appears, so just wanted to get this out there to anybody interested...visit for more info.

Well, now that our cars are headed to Fla and Mopar Mafia's race....time to get the Legion of Speed ready for Thunder Road and the Hollywood Road Race this month as well....I'll be sure to send the correct Lotus Esprit this that was a bonehead move last go round!!! We will be 8 cars strong and racing for glory in Southern Utah!!!! 

Dom's Charger from FnF...this is the 3rd Mod I've put this CS axel package into...getting some miles outta that set.

Finally getting around to Herbie!!! It's a Family fav, so looking like a lottery for the Love Bug.

...I expect you to die Mr. Bond.

Bond's 1963 Aston Martin from Goldfinger...sending it back to the shop so Q can put an FTE package on it!!!

K.I.T.T was a Chick Magnet....doing the Hass proud with a little Knight Rider Action!!!

Speed Force is feeling Fast and Furious!!!

The Lady of Speed channeling her inner Bond Girl!!!

The Dark Knight...the Knight Rider....I sense a theme here for Quicksilver Racing

...well, my team has Racing Stripes!!! The Love Bug and the Fast 5 Ford GT-40

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