Jobe Tuesday, 1/11/2011

$8,000 for a hot wheel in the package!


Economy must not be too weak!

As my friend I emailed this to said to me...wouldn't it be nice to be super rich, buy that car and video me giving it to my 2.5 year old son, have it take it out of the package and go play with it in the sandbox!


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GrabberGT 1/12/11

Yikes!!!!!!! I cant dream of paying that much for something I cant use.

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redlinederby 1/12/11
Site manager

Wow. Yeah, if I had 8 Gs to burn I'd rip that mofo open and add it to the league! Ha! You'd hear collectors weeping from 8 states away.

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cdg 1/15/11

i cant see why its gone for so much, firstly its card has been 'slit', so is not mint carded, secondly its 8 frickin grand!

Wonder if he'd race his 8 grand rodger dodger against mine for pink slips....

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