Customizing and TuningHOT MAIL... Mail van , Way 2 fast base.

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Stocker Way 2 fast ;

The mail.

The "Hot Mail" mock-up ;

'55 gasser grill ... needs front fuel cell.

The chopped mailbox would look good on that base with a single engine out front...

hammered one had the jb break loose... back in the someday box...

I like where this is going!  I once did a tilt nose Anglia delivery on a WTFast base. Took the nose off and it fit pretty good. 

A 3/8" diameter shaft from a plastic coat hanger, split lengthwise then cut to length as the fuel cell that hides the axle prongs ;

Modded way 2 fast engine / interior, hole drilled through the windshield for induction ;

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