For sale: Hot Wheels 2004 Kmart Exclusive 50’ track roll

BlueLineRacing Wednesday, 10/25/2023

50' track roll cars included $125 shipped. DM me if interested.

Red Firebird worth $60-$80 alone


May I say from here, that is great value!

Hard to get, and for anyone who wants to get into it, a great addition!


(Gee, my Firebird is a dog, can you sell it for me?!) Hehe)

  • They aren’t fast which is why I won’t even try them — BlueLineRacing
  • Damn...$60?! When I opened my roll pack, I just tossed the cars into the bucket-O-cars, lol — redlinederby
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dr_dodge 10/27/23

I agree, I am just over budget currently, or I'd buy it


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BlueLineRacing 10/30/23


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EnZedRacing 10/30/23

1) 50ft is bloody long!!  15.2m in our currency.

2) That stuff is as rare as Rocking Horse S**t...

Congrats to who bought it, hopefully we see another seamless drag track soon !

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