Hot Wheels 2014 Digital Speedometer

Milton-Fox Sunday, 4/20/2014

Picked up two of these on Saturday. My plan was to install them near the end of the new Dragtrack layout and add recorded speeds to the racing action.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

But first testing!

I only opened up one at first and set up a test track of about 9 feet with the new Hot Wheels orange sectioned track.

Like others have noted with their speedos, the recorded speeds where mostly consistent, with this one having a 2 to 3 MPH difference between most test runs. I did have a few 10+/- MPH runs the first couple of times. But after that, the times were more consistent on subsequent runs. Each time I came back for more runs the speed differences were greater at first, but stabilized at the 2-3 MPH differences. I eventually ran 4 different cars of different lengths for the test. As others have also noted the smaller a car - the faster the recorded speed.

The slowest time I noted was 34 MPH and the fastest 364 MPH. Releasing the cars by hand did cause some difference in speeds. Where a little extra push or stray finger drag caused a noticeable difference in recorded speeds.

It seemed to work well enough for what I wanted to do with them - that I decided to open the 2nd one up as well. I ran it next on the same test track set up. The speed differences where the same initially 10 +/- on the first couple of runs. Then 6-8 MPH consistently different for this one.

Both out of the box with no stickers.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

I then ran them in a series - on the same test track set up. The track was shortened by one piece, but the 2nd speedo added back half that length in distance. They where separated by one track piece at first. The difference in times recorded where about 10 MPH between them. I then switched their positions and the same time difference of 10 MPH was noted. I then moved them closer to the release point and the time difference was a bit greater, but also consistent when I switched their places again! Moving them even closer to the release point showed the same results. The speed differences also increased when I separated them by first 2 and then 3 pieces of section track. When the speedos changed places in these arrangements - the differences where still consistent with the above!

Time to install them on the dragtrack layout!

At first I thought of putting them together on the Dragtrack set up - back to back, but the sensors are not in the center of the piece. So they were not evenly lined up! Would be nice if the piece were to be retooled. That it to be designed, where the sensors line up and the backs are uniform in shape. Or maybe a dual lane piece can be offered eventually!

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

So I decided to place them so the speed readouts where visible from the same side instead.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Stickers added and installed. (No light poles!)

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Follow this link for testing on the dragtrack layout

Also would like to hear from others on their experience and incorporation into their track layout with this accessory!


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Milton-Fox 4/21/14

Discovered that there is a self timer in the speedometers that automatically shut off the power after about 5 minutes of no activity!

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model40fan 4/21/14

if a car can't reach the finish in 5 minutes, it doesn't deserve a time...

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Milton-Fox 4/21/14

It was a really really really long track set up!

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Milton-Fox 4/22/14

Did some more test runs today.

Still getting fairly consistent speeds in both lanes, with occasional solitary spikes of 20 +/- MPH in both lanes.

Too many other variables to say they are erratic, but probably not going to use them to determine race outcomes.

I did swap lanes for them and the MPH measure coincides better with the lane win and dragtrack time a little better - meaning they are closer posted MPH speeds between the lanes (less differences.) I had to write it all down to keep track of speed, lane win and time!

The joiner tabs and locking posts are really tight on these. I had to use a small screwdriver to lift the track bed up to disconnect them.

Also, the MPH doesn't display that long before it resets to zero. You may need a helper to log speeds if you have a manual release set up. I barely had time to walk 6 feet and write down the two speeds, before they would reset.

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model40fan 4/22/14

K-MART had 10 of 'em for $12.95 each...

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Milton-Fox 4/30/14

Have run more than 200 different cars through them over the past two weeks.  

As noted before, the shorter a car is - the faster a MPH it will show.  There may also be an impact from the height of the car.  May be a combination of the two - measuring the green house (window area) instead of the body?

Overall times are consistent still and useful to determine speed increases from modifications like wheel graphite and weight.

Having the second lane to compare to in testing also seems to be helpful.

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GspeedR 5/1/14

Milton-Fox wrote: As noted before, the shorter a car is - the faster a MPH it will show.  There may also be an impact from the height of the car.  May be a combination of the two - measuring the green house (window area) instead of the body?

Since there's only one sensor in the speedo, the length of the car will determine the overall speed. And since the sensor is positioned low @ track level, longer cars with high-mounted bodies(eg: muscle cars) also tend to record higher speeds. This unit is good for comparing a car's performance against itself, but pretty much useless for side-by-side comparisons.


I just picked 2 up. 3 bucks a piece.They have been on clearance at my Walmart for a long time. just last week they were 10 bucks.  If any one wants me to swing back by Walmart  let me know.

  • great for testing a modd...keep track of the mph as you go. — model40fan
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