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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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Tune in at 8am Mountain Time when I announce a new short term series on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel and give you a sneak peek at the new home(the much smaller home that is) for Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! Even if you can't make it for the Premier, I hope you'll tune in and then check out the new series!

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Chaos_Canyon 5/14/20

Looking forward to both the announcement and the new series

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did and now I'm on vacation to get stuff done around the house including trying to get the new track put together. In the meantime, we are currently on the Hot Wheels Calgary Track Tour Series! We're visiting tracks all around the world! This week we're at Nick Deavers Dungeon Downhill Dragway! Also this week, you can get your name in for the One and Done Mini-Tournament coming May 30! There just might be a prize involved...

But for now, as Two For Tuesday goes here's yesterday's and today's races!



Pick your car

How's everyone liking the Track Tour Series so far? Just remember, we will be visiting a new track every week so even if you're not a fan of this week's track, you may love the next one! Hope you'll stay tuned!

As we continue The Track Tour Series, this week we're in San Francisco at Inertia Hill Raceway with Skorpio Love Smith! I hope you'll not only watch today's race, but also go over and check out the Skorpio Love Smith YouTube channel!

It's Two For Tuesday in sunny San Francisco at Inertia Hill Raceway with Skorpio Love Smith! Hope you're enjoying the tour! I know I am!

A lot had happened on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel in the last 48 hours! It's no wonder I didn't get yesterday's race posted...

In the last 48 hours there has been 2 Track Tour Series races and 3..yes.. Three. Mail Call videos! How's that for busy!

Anyway, here's everything to get you up to speed.. Get it? Speed.. Racing... Hello? Is this thing on??

Yesterday's race

Today's race

Mail Call 1

Mail Call 2

Mail Call 3

In case you missed it, the final race at Birdco Raceway went to air on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel today.. The One and Done Mini Tournament of Champions! Right after, I did a "draw" for the winner of a 20 pack of Hot Wheels... In a very unique way... Sit back, enjoy some great racing in the last race ever at Birdco Raceway! Congrats to the winner!(no spoilers here!)

The One and Done Mini Tournament of Champions

The Prize Giveaway

  • I was so sure bubblematic was gonna take it ???? — Chaos_Canyon

Here we go! A new week.. A new track in the Hot Wheels Calgary Track Tour Series! Make sure to visit the sights of London,England while visiting!

I say, some jolly good racing so far over here in England! I do hope you'll join us for some racing and a spot of tea! Ok.. I know that was bad... But this race is pretty good!

Ya see.. Here's the "Thing"... Get it?? Hello? Ok.. So much for dad humor... I promise this race will put a smile on your face!

Just a couple days left in our visit to England for the King of the U-Bend Event hosted by My Hot Wheels Collection YouTube channel! I do hope you're enjoying the series! And now, let's get racing!

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