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Interesting...does it measure resistance through a small dyno?

very interesting... hmmmm

That is fascinating, hilarious and awesome all at once. Sounds good in theory but I'll be interested to see if it can accurately indicate which cars *should* be faster than other. Interesting indeed.

6.38 looks like a strong number!


I hope you enjoyed the pic. Yes, I have been able to sort out, in general, which cars are slow and which are fast. I made this since I do not have a track.

Hard to see on the right, is a volt meter, which I can see if the correct volts are being used. 1.5 volts is the best. The generator converts into volts, which can be read by the meter on the left. I used a 3.0 wall mount unit to start, then measured with a poteriaometer to convert down to 1.5 volts, which I can adjust, if needed.

I tested 5 cars, and the lowest resistance car won. This cannot tell how the car will race on the track, but gives me a good idea.

I have already started a prototype for speed on a vertical, and rolling distance on a flat track.

Also, in the works, is an adjustable 4 seperate wheel dyno, to see if the car runs a straight line.

NOTE - this can only test wheels of the same type - large vs. large.


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