Hot Wheels orange track at Dollar Tree

Mike70 Monday, 8/10/2020

This weekend I discovered that Dollar Tree stores here in San Diego are selling orange track in 2 foot sections! One choice has two 2ft sections with 2 connectors, another has 1 track section and a ramp to make a loop and the third comes with a section of track and a rubber band launcher. They also sell the launcher by itself.

I realize that many builders are going more to "Fat Track" but I'm sure the orange still has many years of service for many of us and at .25 cents a foot it's a good deal!

Sorry about no photos but my phone tells me not enough storage at present! Keep Racing!


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redlinederby 8/10/20
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Oooo...sweet, thanks for the report. I have a Dollar Tree down the street so I'll have to drop by. I really miss the $1 track sections that Toys R Us used to sell. I have a ton from back then but having some new, clean orange track would be nice.

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CrazyEights 8/10/20

My Tree won't have that.

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