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Went out to a local toy show today. I picked up zero FTE cars, just a few found their way home with me today.  I'm always looking for cars i like, and cars that may have the right stuff to go fast. The one car that caught my eye and I had never seen it before. Camaro Wind #599, decent wheels, and 56g out of the blister... this car is promising.

What the details on the panel wagon?
'56 ford, looks like the later 1 piece casting, like the tampo...

In all my years, I think I've only seen a dozen of those, all beat to trash in junk boxes. Seeing that new one, I can see why the youngers liked it so much.

Actually likeing that thing!

FTE's are getting harder to find huh? 

Time to start creating ways to reuse the ones we have eh?

Hmmmm, Rubber cement instead of JBweld... Might also add some suspension bounce to it

No, there were plenty there... just not on my list currently

Whoa, that thing is like the "Corvette Summer" of Camaros...with a Wing on top...and purple chrome sidepipes...all on a Gen 3 Camaro...I'm not really sure if that is awesome or horrible :)

I have one of those Camaros and at first I hated it, just looked too neon for me, but it's grown on that retro new wave kind of way.

It's a metal/metal but I only saw it run a handful of times in the Fantasy League.

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