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Hot Wheels should follow Nerf's lead in serving niche audiences

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It's up to us very soon. We'll run out of arguments if the Speed Machines reissue fails. If it sells out quickly, it's easier for Mattel to imagine that there might be a niche worth being monetized. 

Of course, within reason, I want to race but if it ends up like every other hobby I have gotten into (costing thousands of $$$) then no. Let me counter with a question for you How much did you spend actively racing Die-Cast in your last full season...

  • If you toss out the receipts after you get home, you never know ......... — SpyDude
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TheMakersBox 2/19/23

I remember a while back coming across a vendor that sold pre-stripped, pre-drilled kits and a selection of wheels.  Seems geared more toward customizing than racing, but still in the vein of what we are discussing:

I have always though if I could find a decent base casting and could created a mold to make low-temp metal chassis for it, I would have a repeatable, go-to setup.  Well, that and farming decent wheels for it. 

I have managed to create a usuable metal chassis for my entry in the upcoming The DeLeon race, but I still have a long way to go before having a technique worth sharing.  We'll, maybe a sneak peak:

(The drilled holes are an attempt to get the weight down and distrubtion right.)

  • nice! what allow? — dr_dodge
  • I ment — dr_dodge
  • If I start a thread on advanced tech's (casting, soldering, redneck machining, etc) would you contribute? — dr_dodge
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JeremyM 8/6/23

I just subscribed to this page today,  and did not even realize that customizing and modding Hot Wheels was a thing until last week. I was very competitive in pinewood derby with a friend of mine. To make a long story short we have decided that we need a new competition. Here we are. I came here specifically looking for wheels and axles and how to make these cars faster. I understand completely how to take them apart how to put them back together, but I cannot find any of the products to purchase. After reading this I'm understanding that they really don't exist? I need to buy older cars and take them apart polish axles, polished wheels Etc? 

I'll be on here all day reading how each and every one of you have achieved the goals that I'm trying to, but I am looking for a little direction on where to find parts.

  • In general, there aren't really any "kits" that you can buy for all the speed stuff. You have to purchase a donor car and pull the wheels from it, then polish those up and put them on the actual car you are building. This is how almst all of the current racers are building their cars. As for weights, you probably already have a bunch fron pinewood derby, so you're good there Bottom line is, you're going to build a bunch of slow cars, and stumble over tips and tricks to make your cars get faster each time. It's all part of the learning process, and all part of racing. Welcome to the addiction! — SpyDude
  • Yup, the fun is getting a bunch of cars and figuring out which combo and techniques get the job done. It’s very pinewood derby but only if you’re drag racing. If you’re entering road races it’s a little skill and a little luck. — redlinederby
  • welcome to the club! (let the agrivation I am real good at making fast cars — dr_dodge

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