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Hot Wheels should follow Nerf's lead in serving niche audiences

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MarkRich21 2/19/23

It's up to us very soon. We'll run out of arguments if the Speed Machines reissue fails. If it sells out quickly, it's easier for Mattel to imagine that there might be a niche worth being monetized. 

Of course, within reason, I want to race but if it ends up like every other hobby I have gotten into (costing thousands of $$$) then no. Let me counter with a question for you How much did you spend actively racing Die-Cast in your last full season...

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TheMakersBox 2/19/23

I remember a while back coming across a vendor that sold pre-stripped, pre-drilled kits and a selection of wheels.  Seems geared more toward customizing than racing, but still in the vein of what we are discussing:

I have always though if I could find a decent base casting and could created a mold to make low-temp metal chassis for it, I would have a repeatable, go-to setup.  Well, that and farming decent wheels for it. 

I have managed to create a usuable metal chassis for my entry in the upcoming The DeLeon race, but I still have a long way to go before having a technique worth sharing.  We'll, maybe a sneak peak:

(The drilled holes are an attempt to get the weight down and distrubtion right.)

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  • If I start a thread on advanced tech's (casting, soldering, redneck machining, etc) would you contribute? — dr_dodge

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