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What do you use to track Hot Wheels inventory?

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CrazyEights 10/21/22

I have a bad case of CRS, so I couldn't tell you what I have.

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SavageSpeeder 10/21/22

I have been collecting since I was like 4. I remember every car and every color variation I have. No need for a spreadsheet or database or anything. The only reason I ever had a list of cars I have was to give to my parents/grandparents so they wouldn't get me duplicates unless I specifically requested duplicates. I also take a look at the hotwheels website to see what is new to keep on my radar for whenever I go out.

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JimiJam 10/22/22

I've created an MS Access database for each year of mainlines from 2023 to 2014 so far. You can track which cars you have, cost, estimated value, condition, long card etc. Comes with prefilled information for each car as well as photos. Reports can be output to pdf and database can be output to excel. I upload the reports to dropbox so I can view them on my phone when out collecting hot wheels wanted. Want to sell the databases as a digital download, just finalising testing. What would a database like this sell for do you think.

  • Not sure on pricing but this sounds cool! — Bongo
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GspeedR 10/22/22

I've used the Official Collector's Guide CD-ROM software from `98, but it wasn't very user friendly. Now I'm just using HD copy paper boxes which each hold ~90 to 110 carded cars. Each box is grouped by general body type with street/race/prototype vehicles grouped by country of origin (eg: Domestic, German, GB/Italy/Scandinavia, Asia). Then I also have boxes for strictly Fantasy cars, Trucks/Vans/SUVs, Street Rods, and finally "the fast stuff"....FTEs(and other nickel-plated axle cars) and "Heavy Metal"(any notable metal-on-metal cars and Funny cars). 

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