How are you making the holidays happy?

redlinederby Sunday, 12/19/2021
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We see it every year...what's on your Hot Wheels Christmas wish list? Well, lets flip that around this year.

What diecast goodies are you giving others to make their holidays happy?

My daughter will be getting some cars as she does every year, but she's backed off a bit from the whole scene in favor of whatever else 9yo girls are into these days...hint: it ain't Hot Wheels. She got the 50 car wall case last year and that's still being put to good use.

But whatever you're giving or getting for the holidays this year, please enjoy the time with family and friends and all the folks you care about. Be safe, be smart, and have fun! We'll see everyone in 2022 for another great year of diecast racing. 


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Car_boi 12/20/21

A one pack of a car they like is an inexpensive gift, it's good if they are a racer, or collector, so that's good.

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PagodaRacing 12/20/21

This just brought back memories of Christmas' past. My parents would put a couple Matchbox cars in my stocking each year.

After Hot Wheels were introduced I still got Matchbox cars in my stocking. I guess because they more easily fit into a stocking. I did recieve Hot Wheels under the Christmas tree or for birthdays.

This year I'm going to give my grand-daughter her first Hot Wheels car with hopes she will want to race it when I get a track built.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all!

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CaShMoneyBoyS 12/27/21

Merry Christmas from the Ca$h Money Boy$ !!!! Heres to an awesome 2022!!

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