HW Mario Kart Circuit Track

PagodaRacing Thursday, 12/30/2021

Is the gray HW Mario Kart Circuit Track the same lane width as orange track? Do the same track connectors as orange track fit?

Thanks, Old Grumpy


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Bolo_Brown 1/7/22

I believe so Check racing and fun On YouTube they did a Mario kart track and it's extra long

All Mario Kart tracks are compatible with regular HWs track.  Rainbow Road is a bit different in that it can only be connected after the finish gate, similar to how the HWs 6 lane raceway works.

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PagodaRacing 1/11/22

Thanks Bolo and CTR,

Are the gray end loops just long flat straight sections held in a loop by the adjoining pieces or are they dedicated loops.

 I guess what I'm trying to ask is if there are any 2' or so gray straights in the Circuit Track?

  • I will have to go double check my Circuit Track. It is boxed up right now, and I don't remember the lay out when I had it together. Just to be certain, are you referring to the original Circuit, or the Circuit Lite? — CTR_Crimson_Twins_Racing
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PagodaRacing 1/12/22

Thanks CTR.

No need to go unboxing. I ordered some orange track for the top straight of my test track. If you think of this post next time you have it out would be fine.

If the end loops are made out of straights I'll pick some up for my next track build.

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