I don't make fast cars... yet. But I make NEAT cars.

StarCorps Sunday, 8/20/2023

Lenny Overdrive was raised in a trailer park in rural Oklahoma, where his daddy was a car theif and his mother was a lady of negotiable virtue. The martian invasion left him an orphan at the age of twelve. His daddy was killed outright, his momma turned into a zombie and tried to eat him.

Stealing his (now zombified) neighbors 1985 IROC-Z, he had a tank full of gas, a tape-deck full of Hard Rock and set out to make his fortune.

Today, he drives that same IROC in the WMD - but he has updated it for the needs of the modern driver. His current brew of choice is RAD!, The wastelands energy drink made with real wastelands.



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dr_dodge 8/20/23

I love it, I want a case of rad

will the track be post apoc?
I can play that, in all scales (1:1....lol)

and whats a little radiation poisoning amongst friends, anyway 


  • Absolutely. Piston Junction is a trading post in the wastelands of North America, and home to the Piston Junction track of the Wastelands Motorsports Diecast Racing League - THE W.M.D! — StarCorps
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StarCorps 8/21/23

Eddie Swag was working in the Oil Fields of Alberta when he was caught in the open by an airburst nuclear detonation.

He survived, but barely. He made it to his grandfather's farm before he was over come by radiation poisoning. His granddad, an old school coldwar bunker building prepper, was prepared for what needed to be done.

Now, Eddie roams the wasteland in his granddads cruiser, armored up and outfitted with a full NBC environmental system.

That's important because his injuries destroyed his immune system and left him unable to survive without being in a full protective suit or in a controlled environment.

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