I want to donate to redline derby!

Clint Sunday, 8/14/2022

How do I donate to redline derby? I mean this site is amazing? All the stats and such just down right amazing. 


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redlinederby 8/14/22
Site manager

I'm glad you're having a good experience and happy with what RLD has to offer. Donations are not necessary but always appreciated.

We do have a Donations page that is rather hidden but should work for Paypal donations.

If you're interested in donating something other than money, please send a message.

  • This is the best resource there is for diecast racing. That's why I can't believe everyone blew off to their own corner of Facebook. Stuff is so spread out now that even people that use fake book miss out on things. If it was all still here like it was 2 years ago, it would be a one stop shop. — CrazyEights
  • Thanks, I appreciate the kind words. One site cannot be everything to everyone, but if RLD can still be somewhat of a hub for racing, I'll take it. — redlinederby
  • FaceBroke is a massive mess. There's no clearcut calendar like there is here, and upcoming races simply get lost in the feed. I can't remember how many times I saw an event that I wanted to join, only to find out it was the last day to send in your cars before the deadline, or even that the race had already been run two weeks ago. "Well, I guess I'm not entering THAT race .." It's SO frustrating! — SpyDude
  • Some people are still using Facebook but coming back here to post races again but most people forgot RLD was even here. — CrazyEights
  • Like I said in my questionnaire commentary, its time for a Redline Derby revival. The flock has strayed and its time to real them back in. — CrazyEights
  • I'll dust off some of the plans that never got finished and see what can happen. Thanks for the support, fellas, it means a lot. — redlinederby
  • Are you dusting off the track? — CrazyEights
  • I think it sghould be the hub. I mean when people send cars I like to know who they are in regards to their build etc! I look at their previous races etc! Its just fantastic. — Clint
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