I'm trying to make 2019 "fantastic" once and for all

redlinederby Friday, 1/18/2019
Site manager

A few slow weeks at work following the holidays has allowed me some time to get back in the saddle...

I know I've said it a lot...and for a lot of years...but I'm shooting to get the Fantasy League back online this summer. It's the 10th year for RLD and that's reason to celebrate, and I figure getting the League up and running would also be cause for a party.

There's still a lot of work to do but I also think I have a plan for covering the races that won't be such a time suck...or at least if it is, a more enjoyable time suck. I'm trying to recruit my 6yo to help race so we'll see if she's game by then too.

I know the pick'em games are plentiful these days but I think the RLD Fantasy League has some unique features to offer that might help it be a little bit more interesting.


Well alright...looking forward to the racing action!!!!

Cool. Might just have to join.

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