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As you may have noticed, ImageShack has been having some issues over the past couple days.

It's been affecting all the "system" images I use and maybe some of the images you guys use, if you use them. 

I have no control over the problems and can't fix them...shy of moving away from ImageShack. I'm exploring a self-hosted solution rather than relying on a third-party, but until I figure that out, expect the missing images to continue.

Wish I could do more. Sorry for the poor experience. I'm not happy, especially since I actually pay for ImageShack. 

I'm very much a "I'll do it myself" person, especially when it comes to web sites and software, but decided to just let someone else worry about image hosting this time...shoulda trusted my gut. Sigh.

I'll be working on fixes for the ImageShack debacle every night this week and into the weekend, so things may appear more broken that normally as I try to spot fix things. 

Thought I had a quick workaround but didn't work like I had hoped so surgery is now necessary.

Nurse. Scalpel.  


I got a notice from ImageShack today saying they are stopping all hosting for free accounts starting November 1st. If you're an ImageShack user, heads up.

I use ImageShack for all RLD images but I am a paying customer so it shouldn't impact anything here until next year. At that point I have to decide if I want to keep paying or find some other solution. I'm leaning towards doing it myself but we'll see.

Anyhoo...I'm sure this change in their policy is a result of the outage last week. Regardless, this shouldn't really impact any of you unless you're an ImageShack user.

Looks like images are failing again...sigh. Sorry for the ugliness. Moving away from ImageShack is still a work in progress.

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