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Introducing Diecast Dragsters 6-lane 50ft Track in West Virginia

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aircooled 5/2/16

What a super track for sure.  Can you tell me how wide each lane is?  Blu Track has two different lane widths depending which model of the blue track it is.  Thanks in advance for your help.




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gtaman 5/2/16

1.5 inch wide lanes

It is stored rolled up and then the track is put in tubs of hot water and when warmed up rolled out.

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gtaman 6/27/16

Future hot wheel racers being made

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FOTF 6/28/16

When are you guys going to have your stock mail-in race? I'm looking forward to it!

  • Dont know, too many vacations etc during sunmer will try soon tho — gtaman
  • No problem! Keep us all informed when such an event comes up. — FOTF

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