Japan Diecast Racing League

TheDirector Saturday, 1/29/2022

Hey all... the Director has asked me to let everyone know about the JDRL and the Yokohama Racing Complex. 

We currently have an 1/8 and 1/4 mile drag track and we have a 1/4 open road track currently under construction. 

Along with Tokyo Diecast Racing, our debut season will be starting on March 1st and last for 3 months. 

As we get closer more updates will be published 


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Playz 1/30/22

Any pics?

  • No pics but I will post some video of my test track soon — TheDirector

Silverfox Racing is excited to join your tournaments soon! 

Can´t wait ... ;-))

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WallyChamp73 1/31/22


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TheDirector 2/3/22


We are running some tests. And have a special (oddball) event this weekend.

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TheDirector 3/13/22

Here she is... naked ???? she still needs her case, lighting and set dressing. We are also waiting for our Slanman start gate and timer.

It is a super fast track. 20.5 feet running 6 seconds or so.

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WallyChamp73 3/13/22

Cool!   N.J. Drive Racing would love to compete on your tracks!

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