Jeep Jamboree @ Elevation Trail

Monday, November 28th, 2022
Hosted by 905Diecast
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Crazy_Canuck Sunday, 10/16/2022

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Jeep Jamboree!!!
The Snow Job! @ the Heights!
Date: Winter 2022

Jeeps Due the week of Nov 28th and races to air on YouTube in January(hopefully)

Channel: Hosted by 905Diecast

Overview: Jeep branded castings of any make, model, year, or brand. This is a Jamboree so all are welcome! This is a celebration of the off-road king known as Jeep. Make sure your Jeep is a reflection of your team, country, state, Provence, fave sports team, movie, whatever! Just make it stand out from the crowd. (But please no Barry’s). Fully custom preferred, and must have off road tires…NO smooth wheels (coloured wheels allowed). If keeping stock paint, please decal it up so that it won’t get confused with another entry. Numbers not required…but if ya wanna…go for it.

Weight limit: 60g max. However the track is wide open and has a jump…so build accordingly. Weights must be concealed inside vehicle, Obvious weighs will be DQ’d…if in doubt, ask me…

Jeep size/dimensions: must be 1:64. We will be running a moto style start gate, so don’t worry if it doesn’t fit orange track. No stretching, no filling in windows, no smoothing of body lines…let’s keep the aesthetic of the Jeeps intact, so choose your casting accordingly. Coloured/solid windows allowed.

Wheels/axels: wheels must be off road wheels. Any axels allowed. If you wanna tube, got for it. As long as it has treads…colour of wheels doesn’t matter.

Lube: dry lube only…However…faster isn’t necessarily better…so build accordingly

Class: Modified entries preferred … if you want to send a stock Jeep, at least put decals on it to make it stand out from the competition

Entry limit: 1/ builder.

Contact Host for Shipping Address.

Return Shipping: $10usd/$15cad. PayPal only. Or contact host to make arrangements should you want the entry back. If possible, please send your entry in an easy to identify plastic resealable container for storage purposes.

Track Info: The all new “Elevation Trail” at Lakeridge Heights is a wide open straight ski-run style track with a jump half way down the slope. On the right: you have a generous guardrail that will help keep you pointed in the right direction and headed to the finish line. On the left a freshly packed snow bank. Nobody wants to run into the snow bank unless they like getting snow jobbed…Jump the ledge half way down and cross the frozen pond before the finish line for maximum points. Overall length is 15feet-ish.

Format and scoring: we’re running 3 at a time with accumulated Checkpoint scoring. Each truck will start a run in each gate position and accumulate points during each run. The truck with the most points at the end of the heat moves on. In case of a tie, the truck who has crossed the finish line will move on (unless more than one truck is tied by crossing the finish line) in this case we will run-off the tied trucks in each lane and the truck with the highest total accumulated points for those runs will move on. If trucks continuously cross the finish then the first truck to cross the line in consecutive runs moves on. Lanes chosen at random. Groups of 3 chosen randomly by my kids.


Best in show - Judges (my kids) Choice (make them look good!) I want to see some awesome builds

Jamboree Winner -  walks away as the “Snow King”…I will also throw in another little sumpin sumpin that will be announced on race day #1

The truck that finishes in “Last Place” will get the “Yellow Snow” award…cuz let’s be honest…just cuz yer last doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some recognition as well…As the old Jeep saying does…just cuz it’s stock…doesn’t mean it sucks…

Additional Info: there is the potential to run a race on an actual outdoor snow course in early 2023 (weather permitting). If you would like your Jeep to be included in a possible 2nd race, include this icon in your sign up: (0|||||||0) and I will add you to the second race roster.

There are only 27 spots for this event, and some spots are already spoken for as this is the inaugural race at the new course.

Thanks in advance for your interest…and for the love of Diecast…keep racing!


1- LoneStar (arrived)

2- Doc 0|||||||0 (arrived)

3- Mr.Darq 0|||||||0 (arrived)

4- RubberTow (arrived)

5- U_U U|||||||U (arrived)

6- Marcus Firegone (arrived)

7- Mad Mike 0|||||||0 (arrived)

8- HawThenSung (arrived)

9- Sam Haul (arrived)

10- Krazy Koala Racing (arrived)

11- RagTag Jim 0|||||||0 (arrived)

12- GoldenOwl 0|||||||0 (arrived)

13- R-Lo 0|||||||0 (arrived)

14- Papa Pugsley 0|||||||0 (arrived)

15- Tiny Track Cars 0|||||||0 (arrived)

16- Uncle Elvis 0|||||||0 (arrived)

17- Karmic Racing 0|||||||0 (arrived)

18- Bay City Darrell (arrived)

19- Big Mac (arrived)

20- Puffs Racing 0|||||||0 (arrived)

21- Numbskull (arrived)

22- Tucker of RaggedRust 0|||||||0 (arrived)

23- RaSungod (arrived)

24- Jempire Motors (arrived)

25- Spirit of 64 0|||||||0 (arrived)

26- Endcount (arrived)

27- G -force racing 0|||||||0 (arrived)

Alternate Spots:

1- NJD Racing (arrived)

2- Dretty of Mini Mafia Motors (arrived)

3- Daddy G (arrived)


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MrDarq 10/16/22

0|||||||0 Woot!!

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MarcusFiregone 10/16/22

Count me in!

U_U is in

Or should I say U|||||||U

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MadMike 10/16/22

Wee hoo let's go jeepin 0lllll0

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GoldenOwl 10/16/22

You can count me in!

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RLoRacing 10/16/22

I'm in 

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Papa_Pugsley 10/16/22

You can count Man Child Motorsports in


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TinyTrackCars 10/16/22

woohoo!! We are in!! This should be fun :) (and different for us)


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Uncle_Elvis 10/16/22

Put me in.   

Edit this post!:. 0|||||||0

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Karmic_Racing 10/16/22

Karmic Racing would like a spot.

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Big_Mac 10/16/22

I will take a spot for Madness Motorsports 

  • I hope for some big wheels from Big Mac — Crazy_Canuck
  • What's the shipping address? — Big_Mac
  • I realized you sent it to me already in a message when I signed up. It's on the way. — Big_Mac
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PuffsRacing 10/16/22

I want in 

  • You got it buddy — Crazy_Canuck
  • P.s. (0lllllll0) ty again. Need your address also — PuffsRacing
  • I will PM the shipping address once I get a full field…keep your eyes peeled — Crazy_Canuck

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