Collecting and OrganizingJL Afficianados.....Car Question

It lookslike plastic wheels as well.

....and this one.

Haven't seen the '55 racing at LJLRC. I don't think is a fast car compared to many others. We've had some quick Toronados but can't remember it its that one. FOTF would know cause I think he's run a toronado in the past. 


Seller took my offer on the JL, another JL leap of faith has been I hope to finally get some noteworthy speed for my $$$.  

Yes, those Toronados can be pretty fast! Not BWF Camaro fast, and some are duds, but they can be good competitors. My Toronado #5 once beat that Daytona I always race at Diecast 64 in the semi-finals at the LJLRC (I think it had the faster lane, but keep in mind that it was the Daytona that won the class overall at the end of the year). I also mailed the Toronado itself to Diecast 64 and to an event on here held in Kalamazoo, MI:

(This is Elliot's [the Kalamazoo guy's] channel--the Toronado should be visible in various races):

I also know of at least two other people who have done well (I think won) with this casting. The green Spiderman version can also be fast. I hope yours does well! As for the Nomad, I do have experience with a JL Nomad that's different from that, but it isn't particularly good experience; it rolled well, but wasn't actually that fast.

By the way, do you consider these Toronados to be muscle cars?

A traditional American Muscle car...No, I don't.
Thanks for the input FOTF....much appreciated!!!

To further the clarification, Toronados  were considered luxury cars and they were also front wheel drive....Muscle Cars are not front wheel drive. If the Buick Rivera and Cadillac El Dorado had a would be the Oldsmobile Toronado...which is the two GM cars the engineering for the Toronado was farmed.

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